What To Buy In Your 20’s: Thoughts From A 29 Year Old

As you grow older, you begin to realize the importance of making quality purchases. It may mean a bit of investment, but if it’s going to be something that you use a lot, the investment is worth it! Today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my wisdom! My last birthday ushered me into the last year of my 20’s, so I’d say I’m pretty qualified to share!

  1. Quality Shoes-Whatever your job is, you’re probably going to be wearing shoes. If you have a job where you don’t wear shoes, I want to know what you do!? Granted, I spend a chunk of my days out of shoes as I wrangle kiddos, but I still need some quality shoes for when we’re out and about. Whether we’re going to the play ground or running errands, quality shoes are important. I love Keen Shoes because they give me great arch support!
  2. A Good Mattress– A good mattress kind of runs along the same line as a good pair of shoes. You spend a lot of time in your bed each night…even if you’re up with kids a few times a night! Casper  is one company that offers an affordable option, and has an 100 night trial! If you don’t like it after 100 nights, they give you a full refund!
  3. Tool Kit- My husband’s tool kit list would be a lot more extensive than mine, but getting yourself at least a basic tool kit is important. You’ll want to have things on hand to make at least minor repairs…because you probably shouldn’t resort to duck tape or hot glue for everything! I will admit though, my kids think mommy can fix anything with hot glue! It’s kind of like my super hero power.
  4. Young Living Essential Oils-I invested in a premium starter kit three years ago, and it has definitely made such a difference in our lives. While you might be able to find cheaper essential oils, you aren’t going to find any higher quality! We use essential oils every day in our household! From cleaning, to personal care, to general health and wellness maintenance! Being a distributor for Young Living has even provided me with a way to earn a little extra income while still being at home with the littles!
  5. A Good Blender, (or other quality appliances that you use a lot!)- If there is an appliance that you are going to use all the time, why not invest in one that actually works well!? I’ve had my fair share of trying to blend rock-solid frozen things in blenders that just don’t cut it. We love to make smoothies around here, (hello kale and spinach, I can’t even taste you with all this other goodness!), so a good blender is a must. Lately we have been using the Ninja, and it seems to be working great!

So there you have it! A few ideas for things you should buy in your 20’s…right after you figure out a way to better pay off that college debt! What are some of your musts? Join the conversation, and let me know what you would recommend!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored!