Warm Weather Toddler Fun

Remember a few days ago when it was so nice and warm?
*Sigh* Me too.
Today is another cold and dreary day.
I am thankful for a house to stay in on this cold and dreary day and to be able to get work done inside!
But I am also remembering the lovely days earlier this week that I was sooo thankful!
Today I am posting an activity that Gracie and I did, and if it happens to be warm where you are right now, you can too!
I didn’t really think through the fact that we tried painting on the sidewalk right after it had rained…trying to get supplies together and an antsy girl were the main focus!
This was really easy and Gracie truly seemed to enjoy it. Painting on the sidewalk kept her entertained for quite awhile.
And fair warning…she was not happy when we had to go inside to clean up, even when I promised we were going right back out once we got some clothes on!
I originally found this idea over at Growing a Jeweled Rose…great site for lots of fun activities.
All you need to do is mix 1 part corn starch to 2 parts baking soda.
Add some food coloring and then slowly add water until you have your desired consistency.
Grab some brushes to paint with and let your little artist at it!
Fill up a spray bottle with some vinegar and watch your paintings fizzle once sprayed!
The more baking soda there is, the more fizzle you will see!
We tried out some blue and yellow paint.
The foam brushes were easy for her to handle. She dipped them in the paint some, used her hands some, and dumped the bowl…all good choices!

The vinegar spray made the paint fizzle and bubble and Gracie would quickly try to grab the bubbles. She also liked hearing the fizzing sound.

No pictures to evidence her complete horror when I took her inside to wash off and put clothes on.
Apparently I am the meanest momma ever for wanting her to put some clothes on and not get sunburned…

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