To Santa or not to Santa?

The weather has turned cold, snow has fallen, lights have been hung, and presents wrapped. Christmas is almost here! While none of these things are themselves the true meaning of Christmas, they are traditions and reminders that we will soon be celebrating Christ’s birth.

So where does Santa fit into the mix in your family? We’ve never really pushed Santa or tried to say that he is real, and if you’re naughty he might not bring you presents! Though there are days when I think that might be helpful! But we’ve still taken the girls to Christmas activities where they’ve gotten excited to see Santa. To sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. We’ve never stressed that Santa’s real, and just let the girl’s enjoy meeting him.

So far this Christmas season the girl’s have already had the chance to see Santa twice. The first time Gracie made sure we understood Santa wasn’t actually real. We agreed it was just for fun (and then I told her not to say that too loud, just in case there were other kid’s that thought he was real, and whose parents may not appreciate us ruining the secret!)

The other day we happened to be eating out with friends and another Santa was there giving out stuffed animals. This Santa was pretty engaging. He asked the girl’s if they’d been good, and wanted to know what they wanted for Christmas. He told them to leave him milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Gracie walked away from that Santa convinced that she will be getting a bunny at some point and insistent that we must leave out milk and cookies!

So where does your family fall on the Santa spectrum? Are you really careful to keep the magic of Santa alive and well? Do you make sure they know Santa isn’t real? Do you fall somewhere in between?

I think the girl’s understand Santa isn’t actually real,but we still have fun visiting him. This year it looks like we’ll be leaving out some milk and cookies…which this pregnant mama is perfectly ok with!

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