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It’s a big job, but shouldn’t it be THE job? Currently I’m reading the book, Anything, by Jennie Allen, and it’s pretty convicting…and I’m only 6 chapters in! One analogy that she uses is that it’s like being on a nice cruise ship. Everyone is enjoying themselves and relaxing and then the captain announces over the sound system that the ship is sinking and everyone needs to get to a life boat. You start panicking and running for the life boat, but everyone else seems to not notice and keeps on relaxing and enjoying themselves. So you think, maybe I didn’t hear anything. Maybe the ship isn’t sinking after all. Instead of waving your arms and shouting that the ship is sinking, you go along with everyone else and what seems normal and safe.

And that is just what we do with Jesus. Sometimes we get these glimpses where we get all fired up and start shouting Jesus and trying to get as many people to come to Him as we can, but somewhere along the way we stop and look around. We notice that no one else seems worried. Maybe we can relax and just enjoy ourselves like everyone else. Maybe we really didn’t hear the captain announce that our time on earth is going to end and the only way we are getting to Heaven is through Jesus.

So where do we start, mamas? How can we work at shouting Jesus for all to hear when many days we may be stuck at home in mama uniform yoga pants and babies on our hips? Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something important. Let me tell you something I need to remind myself. You are right where you need to be to shout Jesus in a BIG way. You are going to go though different seasons and some season may involve shouting Jesus outside the home, but this season may be for shouting Jesus more INSIDE your home. Your little ones need you to do this. And this is hard work. And it’s important work. And it’s life changing work.

Wherever you are and whatever season you are in, work to shout Jesus. Don’t just sink into normal cruise ship living while the ship is going down. It’s hard work, but whether inside or outside of the home, it’s important work.


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