Seasons of Joy and Hard Gifts

This season of Spring fills me with so many joys and reveals so many gifts in new life that springs forward.
From the budding of flowers, to the running foals and calves through lush, green fields.
These are the things easy to rejoice in!
These are the gifts that aren’t hard to find.
There continues to be things and circumstances that are harder to find the gift and the joy in. 
In my job as a Hospice nurse I often run into circumstances that beckon the questions, “why?”
Why does the 32 year daughter, and girlfriend die from pancreatic cancer?
Why does the father of three and husband to his best friend suffer from terminal lung cancer?
Ok, so this makes my job sound like all doom and gloom.
In reality, there are many good and wonderful blessing in being a Hospice nurse.
I am blessed to serve a community that is largely Christian, and many who are Amish.
Serving those that have a strong faith and the knowledge that when they die they are going to Heaven is very comforting, and honestly brings more joy and hope to my job.
There are still times that I question why. 
Today a wife came to the realization that her husband was not going to get better. 
She broke down.
What can you offer at a time like that?
I offered my presence. A hug. A shoulder to cry on.
A gift found in fellowship.
A gift found in enduring love.
A gift found in the hope and promise of eternity in Heaven.
232. Tiny pink flowers on tree, delicate and gone too quick
233. Fresh cut grass
234. Shedding cat hair
235. Hard working husband
236. Gracie clinging tightly
237. Trying new things
238. Spring evening on porch
239. Sidewalk chalk colors
240. Pulling dandelions
241. Tree buds
242. Potted tulips
243. Evening stillness
244. Time with friends
245. Alone time to ponder
246. Words that stir the heart
247. Front porch swing
248. Snuggling cat
249. Ears to hear annoying,  booming music from car down the road
250. Snuggling baby in bed



2 thoughts on “Seasons of Joy and Hard Gifts

  1. Alicia says:

    Stopping by from Ann’s today- and so moved by your words.. sharing the promise of heaven. My husband’s a doctor and I know just how bittersweet those moments in a hospice house can be. Praying for you as you continue to let Him love through you in such tough moments. I LOVE your last praise— keep snuggling! That baby will grow up too fast.

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