Praying for Our Kids // Intentional Prayer & Scripture

I have been trying to become more intentional with my prayer time and the time I spend reading the Bible. I’m realizing what works for me. That pacing around the room or getting outside and taking a walk while muttering under my breath, is a surprisingly effective way for me to concentrate on my prayers and feel connected to God. That with pen in hand for underlying and making bold stars is the best way for me to read my Bible and start remembering what I am reading. So in practicing these two things, I have been working to pray certain Bible verses over the girls when I pray.


I’ve read some great blog posts on Bible verses to use when praying for your children. You can find a few great reads in the links below.


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As for me, these are a few that I have been using lately and have been laid on my heart.


I want them to find their confidence in the Lord and know that He will provide them with the strength to do the right thing. To also know that they do not do these good works on their own. That these good works are from God and that He will help see them to completion in His time.matthew5-16

I pray that they would not be fearful of letting their light for Christ shine bright! That they would use their gifts and talents to glorify Christ and work to build His kingdom and not their own.

How about you? I want to hear what verses you use when praying for your kids. Join in the conversation here on praying for our kids, or provide your own post in the  link up below!

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