Passion and Purpose // Penduka Book Review

We ache to live lives that matter, to do work that actually makes an impact on the world around us, and to weave a legacy of love and grace in the way we flesh out our days on this planet. We have an unmistakable sense of being a part of something greater, maybe even an inkling of what the part is that we play in the grand scheme, but so often we feel stuck. Ineffective. Unqualified. Unnoticed. (excerpt from Penduka by Joy McMillan)


You can find this passage on the first page of the preface of Joy‘s book, Penduka, 21 Ways to Awaken Passions and Purpose in Everyday LifeON THE FIRST PAGE. I read this and immediately all the heart eyes, praise hands, and hashtag AMENS rushed through my mind and a deep and powerful resonation with these words tugged at my heart. These are the very real struggles I deal with on a day to day basis. Of wondering if the work I do is glorifying my Father and trying to find a way to use my passions to help others and show Jesus’ love and light.

Have you felt this way? Have you felt the call and tug for something more? Are there passions inside of you just waiting to be uncovered? Are you unsure of how to use your passions? Are you scared to start?

We often look at our lives and are so burdened by the day to day responsibilities that we forget to look a little further down the road. To put the trust in God that He has instilled these passions in us for a reason and when we feel His tug to follow, we should go. Sometimes each step seems too daunting. We want to stop before we begin. Our dreams seem too far out of reach. Too hard. Too impossible. But is anything too impossible for God?

Maybe you are able to see the big picture. Maybe you know where God is calling you, but you’re not sure how to get there. Maybe the steps to get there are hard to take. Maybe you’re not sure how to even begin?

Penduka was such a wonderful read and one that fully engages the reader. If I went through all the emotions via emojis and hastags on that first page, you should have seen me nodding along with a smile through the rest of the book! Joy has carefully crafted Penduka to thoughtfully awaken our souls. To carefully begin examining what our passions are, why we have them, and how we can use them to fulfill God’s good purpose for us.

Joy breaks this book down into three parts. Passions, Purpose, and Process. Over 21 days she examines these three parts in a way that allows the reader to reflect on their own life, while entertaining the reader with her own life story. The questions that Joy has come up with for the accompanying journal are straight up amazing!

Are you ready to awaken your soul and start living out your passions and fulfilling your purpose? Do yourself a favor. Read this book! Answer the questions. Get it for a friend, a neighbor or a whole study group. It’s one that I am so glad I had the privilege to read and will most definitely be reading again…it is that good and that thought provoking, friends!