Parenting Our Children Uniquely

I’m guessing I’m not the only one, but I’ve always loved taking personality quizzes. I think we like to search for something that defines us. Tells us what’s unique and special about us. Where our strengths and weaknesses are and the things that we are good at. Some of these quizzes even give us a better understanding into why we behave the way we do. But have you ever taken a personality quiz for your children?


I recently read, Raising An Original by Julie Lyles Carr. It’s a book on parenting your kids according to the unique personality and temperament that God has given them, AND it even comes with personality assessment tools for your kids!

It’s often too easy for me to fall into the patterns of parenting each child the same, or parenting them the way I think should work. The problem with that is, my kids are by no means the same person! They aren’t me or their daddy either! They are their own unique persons, with unique gifts and talents.

The book mentions thinking back to when you were pregnant with your child. What were they like even before birth? It’s hard for me to think back for each of the girl’s pregnancies, but it’s interesting to think of adjectives for this current pregnancy. So far I would describe this baby boy as active, strong, and responsive. He seems to always be on the move, kicks hard enough to make me cringe at times, and if I ever stop moving and in my head think, “how you doing, baby?”, he usually answers with a kick and a wriggle!

So instead of taking the cookie cutter approach to each kid, I’m trying to understand each of their personalities and learn how to help them grow and discover their God’given gifts and purpose. I’m not perfect, but I think the point is trying. Trying to understand our kids and offer grace to both them and ourselves in the process. Knowing that God has entrusted us with raising them, but that ultimately, they are in His hands, just as we each are!


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