On My Heart

Confession time.
So I haven’t been great this week about keeping track of my gift list.
I have mentally made lots of notes of gifts, but have neglected to write them down.
Once again the few gifts that I did manage to write down are somehow not on my phone anymore.
Time to switch up the game plan.
Writing the gifts that God has placed in my life has showed me how to be more joyful and thankful. It is starting to become more of a habit than a forced action, but I’m not done yet! To find some motivation in actually writing down these gifts, I’m thinking a pretty, springy notebook may be in order…we’ll see what I come up with.
And now for the gifts that aren’t in my phone, but are on my heart.
223. Family wedding
224. Long, sleepy car ride
225. Sore knees
226. Words forming from tiny lips
227. Meeting new neighbors with kids
226. Red tulips
227. Dirty dishes
228. Bright moon
229. Dancing with Dustin and Gracie
230. Lots of love given to Gracie by family members
231. Dandelions