Let’s Start at the Very Beginning //Tot Home School Alphabet

So remember how I told you that while working on doing a tot home school routine, I found it easiest to start very basic and just work from there? Well friends, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Today I’m starting with the letter A!


First off I should tell you that while I love planning activities and do well with a certain amount of routine and order, I also want the girls to feel like they have the space and freedom to be creative and get messy. It is easy for me to get frustrated when Gracie isn’t “following the rules” of an activity I have planned. But I am finding that I am learning right along side her and my lessons are to grow in patience, learn to let them explore what they find interesting, and allow them to be their own kind of creative, not mine! So all that being said, the ideas that I’ll share with you on how to structure your home school lessons, are always just suggestions and I encourage you to allow your kids to feel some freedom and choice in their learning as well!

We have started beginning our tot home school days with a Bible story from the Jesus Story Book Bible. If you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY recommend it. The way the stories are written are perfect and engaging for both littles and adults. The truth of the gospel jumps out at me and fills me to the core. We follow with a prayer and then sing our ABCs. I like singing the ABCs daily, because while Gracie has already known her ABCs for awhile, the repetition is always good and Lillie loves trying to join in. She knows what is coming after we pray and starts trying to “sing” her own version of the ABCs.  We also practice counting to 10 or 20 and end with a rocket blast off (crouch down and “blast off” when you get to the end) for the same repetition reasoning.

These letter of the day worksheets would work perfectly!

After this routine is when we begin the more formal school lessons. Gracie has a preschool workbook that I had once brought at the grocery store on a whim and it is turning out to work perfectly for a lot of our activities. It goes through all the letters of the alphabet, focusing on capital and lower case recognition, words that begin with the letter, maze activities, letter tracing activities, and coloring. We work through the designated letter of the day and then move onto our own activities. We try to talk about the sounds the letter “A” makes, and words that it is used in. And since Gracie is all about arts and crafts, we  then do our own craft.

Now you may be wondering what Lillie is doing during this time. Since Gracie is three and Lillie is one, there is definitely a large gap between what each of them can do. While Gracie does her workbook activities I give Lillie a coloring page with the letter of the day. She sometimes colors, she sometimes moves on to something else. When we do a craft, I will try to help her if she is interested, or if it’s something that I can give Gracie a little more free reign to work on it how she wants, I can sit and do another activity with Lillie. Reading is something she enjoys and is ALWAYS a good choice. If you do nothing else but read with your kids, you’ve done sooo much!

For those of you that like to have a go to place for all your resources and would like some ideas of what to do, I have put together an alphabet Pinterest board. So far I have mostly pinned general alphabet activities and some specific letter A activities. I will continue to pin more specific letter activities to cover the whole alphabet this week.  Please don’t feel like you need to do ALL THE THINGS, I definitely haven’t! These are just some suggestions of fun things you can pick and choose from and get those creative juices flowing.

Allow free time to just explore if you can. Take a walk outside and and look for things that start with a letter A or find things in nature that look like a letter A. Get out the sidewalk chalk or paint and get messy! It’s pretty much always Summer here in Uganda, so we can do this just about anytime, but for those of you that are still experiencing the changing seasons, enjoy Summer while you can and get outside!

Check back next week for more tot home school ideas, and thanks for following along!


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