Humble Serving // Mama Shares Monday

At the end of the day it feels good to be recognized for what you’ve accomplished. As a stay at home mom it sometimes feels like a necessity to have someone recognize what you’ve done. To make known that caring for children is hard work and justify why the house is a mess even though you’ve been cleaning  ALL. DAY. LONG. If I’m being honest, being praised by your family for a job well done at the end of the day is sometimes all you want. And if the praise doesn’t come, what then? If the recognition of hard work and care and time spent serving doesn’t come, what next? Do you turn bitter? Do you stop serving? Do you give less than your best knowing there is no recognition at the end anyways?

Or do you remember one small infant that came into this world, tiny and humble? A babe fully human, yet fully God. Jesus came so worthy of praise and recognition and celebration, yet didn’t demand any of it.  Jesus gives the best and most true model of serving in humility without expecting anything in return. Of serving out of love and goodness and doing all work to glorify His Father.

That right there puts things into perspective a bit. A reminder to not serve because we want to be recognized, but to serve because of Jesus. A reminder to serve our families in the same humility that Christ has showed us. To know that we serve our families freely for the glory of our Father because of Jesus’s most humble and awesome sacrifice.


So this Christmas season, and for the rest of the seasons to come, let’s remember the humility and sacrifice found in Christ’s birth. Let’s serve others with this same humility and know that we are here and in this place to glorify our Father. Let’s celebrate the freedom that Christ has given us and the freedom that is found in humbly serving Him alone.


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