Everything but the Kitchen Sink//What’s in my Diaper Bag?


I finally have a great diaper bag thanks to an awesome giveaway where I won a Lily Jade diaper bag! Pockets galore and if I actually work at putting things where they belong, there is a place for everything. Will I ever be that mom that knows where the tissues are? Did I remember to pack a snack? Is there an actual diaper in the diaper bag?  With this diaper bag the answer is (usually) a confident, YES! This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share with all those mamas out there that might be toting around a diaper bag for several little ones! I understand that not everyone is going to have an expensive diaper bag, I probably wouldn’t even have this one if it wasn’t for the giveaway, but a good diaper bag is essential to start with. Before this bag I was using a free one from the hospital. It worked ok, but had ZERO, pocket space.

How to Pick the Diaper Bag

  • Pick a diaper bag with LOTS of pockets. The Lily Jade bags have a great insert that easily slips in or out (blue insert picture below out of the bag). The pockets are essential to keep things more organized and make sure you aren’t just throwing everything into a big jumbled mess. Lily Jade even offers the baby bag inserts separately so you could place in any good sized bag.
  • Pick a diaper that YOU like. You want one that is functional, but also looks cute. You are going to be lugging this thing around a  lot and the more it helps you feel cute and stylish, the better! You may even want to pick a bag that is not traditionally a diaper bag, but a bag you love and is large enough to use as a diaper bag.
  • Pick a quality bag. Maybe this is a good time to splurge a little. If you are going to be lugging this thing around for years then instead of buying a new one every year or two, spend  more on one that will actually last you and meet your needs through the changing years! Since the Lily Jade baby bag insert is removable, I can slip it out and use as a regular purse down the road.


What’s in my Diaper Bag

  1. Bib and swaddle cloth. Bib, because they’re messy. Swaddle cloth for when they are little and you want to lay them down or need a quick cover for nursing.
  2. Diaper and wipes
  3. Extra big girl panties, a pair of pants and a hair clip
  4. Headband. This is an Oh Tiny Gifts headband. When you’re on the go and need to throw up either your hair or theirs, this can help you look put together!
  5. Kleenex
  6. Umbrella
  7. Thieves spray, stress away, and a diluted digize roll on. Thieves spray helps take care of those nasty germs when you’re out and about. Stress away is great as a perfume and can help any mama out! Digize is great for when the little ones start complaining about tummy issues while on the road.
  8. Eos lip balm
  9. Small books and crayons
  10. Snacks
  11. The Lily Jade wallet insert. I didn’t even open that thing up and take out all that’s in there. It helps keep my wallet, business cards, pens and mommy odds and ends in place.
  12. Sunglasses. Whether for them or for you, I’ve learned that keeping a pair in my purse helps keep the complaining down when the sun is too bright!

So there you have it. A few things that usually end up in my purse. I actually forgot to open one of the zippered pouches and pull out the CPR mouth barrier, phone charger and few lollipops! Over the years I’m sure the contents of this bag will change, but I’m excited to have a bag that will handle the transitions…even in Uganda!