Easy Halloween Costume DIY

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be one of those people that has had their kid’s costume planned since last Halloween! Or perhaps you are one of those people that hasn’t given it a second thought and likes to scramble last minute to put together an outfit and deem it as creative!  In the past I haven’t put much thought into costumes. When Gracie was younger we never took her anywhere for trick or treating, so there wasn’t much need to come up with a costume idea! Then we discovered Boo at the Zoo a few years ago. The last time we went we threw together a princess outfit for Gracie and Lillie went as a giraffe in an adorable hand me down get up that someone had given us to use for play. It was great! Last minute costumes can still be totally awesome, and chances are, your kid is more concerned about the goodies they are getting anyways!

This year, I found myself wanting to put together something fun for the girls…because we all know how Pinterest can easily sway you into that frame of mind! I happened upon some awesome DIY costumes that I knew the girls would love. If you have a girl…or perhaps a boy that’s really into tulle…you can make just about any costume using this idea! All you need is a crochet tutu top, tulle, the ability to make a knot, and you are good to go! You can find exact instructions for the sleeping beauty costume here, but you could really alter this to any princess, super hero, or animal costume you could think of! It really is as simple as cutting the length of tulle you want for your skirt and then knotting it into the bottom of the crochet tutu top!


Gracie loves Princess Aurora, aka, Sleeping Beauty. She is all about the pink, and the minute I mentioned making an Aurora costume, she was sold! Lillie doesn’t have quite as strong of a preference as her big sis, but I thought she’d make a pretty cute Snow White, and she seemed to like the idea!

Enjoy these pictures of our little princesses in their attire as we attended Boo at the Zoo this last weekend. If you’re still in need of a costume for your little princess, go get yourself a tutu top and tulle, and start knotting!
















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