Dying to Self and Serving with Joy

In being a mama, there is a whole lot of dying to self going on. When you sit down to eat your breakfast and instead get called to help someone on the potty. When you want to go for a walk alone, but can’t quite sneak out without someone seeing you. When you want to quietly read your devotions, but instead end up reading the same children’s books over and over again. When you try to write a blog post and get interrupted by cries of “poop!”.

All these little instances teach a mama about little deaths. When we choose to meet the needs of our kids over our needs and wants ,we learn a lot about dying to ourselves. I’m not saying you shouldn’t still take time to yourself. Time to recharge. Time spent alone with God. Time spent caring for yourself so you can mother your little ones better and be a better spouse, friend, and whatever other roles you fill, but being a mom means you often put other’s needs ahead of your own.

In being a mother, or really any role where we have to put other’s needs ahead of our own, we can learn a lot about Jesus. Jesus came to this earth not to focus on himself and work to meet every need and human desire, but rather to fulfill His Father’s purpose for Him. To come to this world as a babe. To grow into a man free of sin, but yet would take the sin of the world and die. Jesus understands dying to oneself better than any of us ever can.

So as we enter into this Christmas season, and soon after a new year, I want to joyfully remember that in a small way I am walking in my Savior’s steps as I serve my family. I don’t want to sigh and grumble and reluctantly die to self, but to gratefully serve them as our Savior has served and continues to serve us through His everlasting love and promise of eternal life with Him. It’s something I can’t do on my own, but with help from our Savior, it can be something I work for.


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