Dear Reu


Dear Reu,

How has a whole year gone by so quickly!? I’ll admit it, there were times, like the nights that you wanted to nurse A LOT,¬†or just party in general, where it didn’t seem so fast. But baby boy, I wouldn’t trade any of those moments, because they are the moments that grew you into you! You are a JOY! You have such a happy, and mostly laid back personality. You kind of have to be laid back with your big sissies. If you’re wondering where that strong aversion to things being shoved in your face comes from or your assumption that toys magically appear in your hand…your sisters are responsible! You also know how to let us know what you want. Which is good, because you’re going to have to be able to speak up with those two big sisters!

It took you a little while to decide you really wanted to move. You didn’t roll much, and crawled a a little later than your sisters did, but boy, once you got moving, you just kept on going! You cruise around now and get to just about anything you want. You pull yourself up, stand on your own, and are so close to walking! You walk along the drawers in the kitchen and try to open all of them! You shove small chairs and tables around and basically think you’re the coolest, because you kind of are! You are starting to love looking at books. You’ll sit next to a pile of books and pull them all down around you. You then sit on the floor with a book on your lap and turn the pages, study them, and reach for another. It’s so fun to see you learning and growing!

You have one of the best cheesy faces I’ve ever seen…though I may be partial. You scrunch up your little nose, squint your eyes, and show your little chompers! Sometimes you breath heavy and sniff in and out for added effect! It almost looks like you’re in pain or angry, but really, you’re just trying to get us to laugh! You’re a good eater and eat just about anything! You feed yourself well and especially love frozen blueberries! You’re good at drinking water from your sippy cup now, but you still like to nurse a lot.

You’re a champ at going down for your naps and down for the night. You go down awake and put yourself to sleep easily…you’re just not so great at it during the night. You still wake up several times through the night and like to nurse a couple times too. You are a snuggler, which of course I’m totally ok with! You’ll often let me pop in your binky and cuddle you close to me, your head resting on my shoulder. I’m really hoping you’ll let me do that for a long time! You’re starting to babble more and sometimes say mama and dada. We can see the wheels turning and things clicking in your mind daily!

Before you were born, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be mom to a boy. I only knew girls, and figured that I would end up with all girls! Reu boy, I am so happy you are in our lives! You bring new surprises, challenges, prayers, and goodness, that will only continue to increase as you grow.

Our prayer for you is that you grow into a man of God. That you will seek Him and put Jesus first in your life. That you would grow in confidence in the gifts that you have been given and use them to glorify Christ. That in your weaknesses, you would lean into Jesus. Your name means shepherd and friend, and we believe we’ll see these things in you as you grow Reu boy. You are precious and purposed for good things. We can’t wait to watch God use you!

You are so loved, Reu boy.

Happy first birthday, baby.