Dear Lillie: For Your Fourth Birthday

Dear Lillie,

You are four now! I don’t know quite when it happened, but you are growing up! You are still my baby in so many ways, but you also have learned to do so much on your own. You love to gather all your toys in one area to play. Basically, you’re a hoarder…we’ll work on that.  You easily go into your make believe world and love to move around your small dolls and figures to play out your own story, but you always want me to be close by. You often require that I sit beside you or play with you. You give me the story line and words to say, I just have to move them.  You love listening to music and dancing and singing. You want to sing all the main parts, I’m not allowed. If I do decide to chime in during an especially dramatic moment of “Let it Go,” you tell me I’m not allowed to sing-you’re Elsa! You are all about textures. Anything especially soft is a major draw! You love being read to and cuddled with. Your favorite foods are sausage and macaroni and cheese. Your favorite color is green, and you love anything that is green, including Rocky from Paw Patrol, turtles and frogs.

You have a kind heart and are often very generous. With out being prompted you will offer half of your treat to your sister, or a stick of your own gum to mommy and daddy. Your personality shines bright wherever you go! I love your spunky spirit and strong will.  You have the special ability to keep us all laughing and on our toes. I never know quite what you are going to say, and I kind of love that about you. You are a great friend, though there are definitely times you would rather play alone, or are a bit shy at first when meeting new people. That’s ok, I get that. Just keep being kind.

You are a difference maker girly. You have the ability to draw people in and lead them, while also having the ability to be generous to those people. When you got money for your birthday, the first thing you said was that you wanted to put some in church offering. Mommy and Daddy pray that you keep that generous spirit. That you love with the love of Jesus. That you continue to march to the beat of your own drum and keep standing up for what is right. That you stand up for those that might be looked down on. That you walk alongside others that might not have a friend.

It sounds like a lot, yes. You’ll make mistakes and that’s ok. We know you’re going to make mistakes. We make mistakes all the time.

Just know that when you make those mistakes you are still loved. You are forgiven. There is grace to try again.

We’ll keep working at giving you the room to grow into the woman God has created you to be. Sometimes it’s hard, but we know that you aren’t truly ours. You are a gift from God. We are so grateful to have been entrusted to help you grow and watch you use your gifts to glorify Jesus.

Right now your days are filled with an awful lot of Paw Patrol play, imagination, and concerns about when your next snack is. I know it won’t be long until your days are filled with much different things…grown up things. You won’t need me to sit so close while you play. For now, I’m so glad to hold you as my four-year-old Lilliebug. I’m going to try to get in my snuggles for as long as I can.

Love you,



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