Dear Gracie // A Letter on Grace

Dear Gracie,

I’m not sure when it happened, but you are already three and a half years old. I’ve watched you grow from a spunky, fiesty little babe into a spunky, feisty, hilarious, kind and creative three year old. I don’t always get things right with you, so thanks for giving me grace. I’ll try to do the same with you.


Today I want to tell you about your name. You’re daddy and I just knew you looked like a Gracie the minute you were born. We loved the way the name Gracie sounded and we imagined a spirited and kind little girl just like you. There is also an important meaning to your name. graceGrace. When you look up the meaning of grace, this is what you may find. “The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.”

Grace is a pretty cool thing. It’s something none of us deserve, but all of us can have if we accept Jesus. Your name is a beautiful reminder of this and Jesus extends that same grace to you sweet girl. Read through the Bible (or ask mommy or daddy to help you) and you’ll find so many verses speaking about Jesus’s grace. Here is one that jumped out at me.2corinthiansJesus’s grace is sufficient for you. There is nothing more you need to do! You are going to stumble, fail, make mistakes and in general not get things right. Don’t worry, there are lots of things you WILL get right, but only because you let Jesus do the leading and accept the grace He is offering. When you stumble and fall, remember that Jesus is there. Jesus has a plan for you and though you may not see how the outcome could be for good, He will walk with you and His power will be known.

Your name can be a wonderful reminder. A reminder of God’s gift of grace to us all and a reminder to offer that same grace to ourselves and those around us.
I don’t know if your daddy and I thought about how important the meaning of your name was when we first named you. We knew it had a good meaning and we knew it was a beautiful name for a beautiful baby that would one day grow into a beautiful women (Yikes! Don’t grow too fast!).  But we didn’t realize how meaningful it could and would be. How the understanding of your name explains so much about the relationship you can have with Jesus.
 Dear Gracie, be filled with His grace and know it is enough.
Love, Mommy

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