Essential Oils in Africa//Tips for Summer Care

I recently held a Facebook class on using essential oils in the developing world. I tried to stock up on oils before we headed to Uganda, and while in all the hustle and bustle some of my oil routine has slipped aside, a lot of it has stayed and more has been added! I continue to use roller bottles on the girls every night and use a wellness blend (thieves, melaleuca, oregano, and lemon) a sleep blend (peace and calming and valor) on their feet and then cedarwood on their spine. I also now spray down the beds with water plus palo santo to ward off any bed bugs, and in the evening I use a diy mosquito repellent that is made up of purifcation, lemongrass, peppermint and lavender. While many of these uses arose because of an increased or changed need with our move to Uganda, I know there are many across the world that would find these tips helpful. Here I will share a few recipes that may be helpful as you dive into Summer, or in my case, get through the rainy season and into the dry season!

These are numbered as I used them for a class and if you want to view all of the slides, feel free to leave your e-mail and I will send them to you!

Here in Tororo, Uganda mosquitoes are plentiful. Malaria is also common, so mosquito repellent is a must! I also add lemongrass and lavender.



When you do get mosquito bites this Summer, which is bound to happen, applying essential oils directly to the site can be beneficial.


Living near the equator as a white girl means sunscreen is necessary.


I plan to mix up a bit of my own sunscreen blend as a spray to make it easier to apply for daily out and about activities.



The last things you want to be worrying about this summer are mosquito bites and sunburns as you spend your days outdoors. No matter where you are living, I hope you find these tips helpful. As always if you are interested in joining my team I would love to have you! By signing up under me you are also helping me continue to care for my family with essential oils as we serve our term in Uganda. Click here to sign up or send me an email at with any questions!


Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

I use my Young Living Essential Oils EVERY DAY. I may be a little obsessed. But can you blame me? I love having an all natural product made from God’s very own creation and can be used on my entire family without worry of side effects. Yup, it’s a good deal. Today I want to share a few DIY products I have put together using essential oils, because it is just too easy and wonderful not to share.  Since Spring is upon us, I have decided to share a few DIYs that will help you get your spring cleaning done and leave your home smelling pretty wonderful.

DIY Baking Soda Carpet Freshener

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 10-20 drops of favorite essential oils
  • Mason Jar
  • Card stock

All you need to do is combine baking soda and essential oils in a mason jar. Use card stock for the lid with holes punched in it. Shake on your carpet before vacuuming. Vacuum room for a fresher carpet and in my case, a joyful lemon scent!


DIY Household All Purpose Cleaner

  • Water
  • 10-20 Essential Oils (Lemon & Thieves)
  • 2 Tbs baking soda

Combine ingredients in a glass spray bottle (essential oils can break down plastic over time). Shake and spray down any surface that needs cleaning! Now you have a great non-toxic, degreasing, antibacterial cleaner for any room in your home!



Happy spring cleaning!