A Day in the Life: What a Mom of Toddlers Actually Does During the Day

I try to wake up by 6:15 or 6:30 so I can squeeze in 30-45 minutes of devotions, plus a little pilates or yoga to start the day. Most days both girls actually end up getting up by 6:30, but daddy is gracious enough to keep them semi-occupied. If they don’t get up until 7:00 or after a choir of angels descends and sings the hallelujah chorus throughout our house. Other mornings I may be nursing Lillie at 6:15 trying to get her to go back to sleep, realize she is sooo not going back to sleep, give up and pretend to rest while she rolls around in the bed. Here’s a glimpse of what the rest of our day may look like…

7:45 Everyone is fed and food has been thrown all over the floor 

8:00 Daddy is out the door. Count down to daddy getting back home begins.

8:15 Put lemon and grapefruit essential oil in my water for immune boosting, metabolism revving benefits and try to remember to actually drink water. 

8:30 After reading a morning Bible story with the girls, I pull up an awesome and educational Pinterest activity that will keep them engaged and learning.

8:45 They’re ready for another activity.

9:00 Ready for another activity.

9:05 Throw in a load of laundry.

9:10 Ready for another activity.

9:12 Wipe down counters and sweep up food that was thrown all over floor at breakfast.

9:15 Ready for another activity…you get the idea.

9:30 Diffuse either joy or thieves essential oil in the diffuser like no one’s business. Because we don’t have time to be sick or throw fits…at least that’s the hope.

10:00 Read an entire stack of books either involving woodland creatures, farm animals, or princesses.

10:30 Try to clean up the kitchen a little before I have to get it messy again at lunch time. Also take a moment to wonder what having a dishwasher would be like…

11:00 The kids are starving. Lillie is frantically motioning to her mouth to eat. You would think the kid hasn’t eaten in days!

11:30 Lunch is over and I tell Gracie that she and Lillie can play for a bit while mommy cleans up, and then it will be nap time.

11:35 Lillie is crying. Gracie tried to put blankets and pillows on top of her and Lillie didn’t like it.

11:40 Music is blaring. Gracie is naked dancing and Lillie has brought one of Gracie’s tutus to me and wants it on.

12:00 Potty with Gracie. Change into pjs if not still in pjs, because there will be a meltdown if she is not wearing pjs at nap time. Find her pink bunny, fill up milk cup, and pick out a book to read. 

12:15 Read nap time story while Lillie is just about getting to the end of her rope and clinging to my leg begging for sleep. Sing Wheels on the Bus, followed by Jesus Loves Me. Remind Gracie that she needs to stay in bed and actually try to nap.

12:30 Nurse Lillie to sleep, lay her down in the crib with teddy bear and pray that Gracie is still in her bed.

12:45 If all goes well, this mama now has maybe an hour and a half to perhaps eat lunch, get some work down, sew, dare I say read a book peacefully or scroll through my Facebook feed! I’m slathering on stress away essential oil to help me relax…all over!

2:30 Both girls are up. Gracie gets to watch one show after nap. I wash dishes…again…how do we have so many dirty dishes!?

3:00 Music is blaring again. This time Gracie has on her full princess attire. Crown, gloves, gown, high heels, and wand. Lillie may be found dancing, watching Gracie, playing quietly, or on my hip. Lillie may still be in her pjs.

3:30 I TRY to start getting things together for dinner. Try is emphasized for a reason.

4:00 Daddy will be home in one hour…

4:30 Maybe pull out some coloring books, play dough, cooking utensils, pots and pans, something to keep the littles busy while mama finishes up what can only be described at its best as mediocre cooking. Dustin is a good man for putting up with my “trying to be healthy, but kind of messed it up” kind of cooking.

5:00 Daddy is home! Girls are already at the table and half way through their food because once again, they are starving and apparently haven’t eaten in days. Except that granola bar and whole pile of grapes an hour ago…

5:15 Normal dinner conversation heard: “Sit down. Eat your dinner. You’re going to fall off your chair. Don’t throw your plate off the table. “

5:30 Daddy helps clean up the kitchen. Good man.

6:00 Music back on and it’s family dance party time! I’m really glad we never dance in public.

6:30 Attempt to wind down. Give the girls a bath and add a drop of lavender. Read books if we have time and pick up living room. 

6:50 Potty time for Gracie, brush teeth, find bunny, fill up milk cup. Pjs on, feet are oiled up with all sorts of sleepy time oils and the diffuser is on in Lillie’s room. 

7:00 Daddy gets to read, pray, sing and tuck in Gracie. I nurse Lillie, pray, sing and tuck her in.

7:30 After Dustin and I read our devotional and pray, I go say goodnight to Gracie if she is still awake…and sing Wheels on the Bus for the last time that day. 

7:35 Tuck Gracie back in bed because she is standing at her bedroom door. Ask her why she got out of bed. “Because I love you”. 

7:45  Sew, get work done, blog, stay up way too late watching a tv series for no good reason other than because I can. 

11ish Dustin and I crawl into bed for some sleep, because tomorrow we do it all over again!

Honestly, I love being a Mom!

If you’re a mom of littles, what do your days look like? We use a lot of prayer, essential oils, Pinterest activities and heaps of grace to get us through each day! Have a great weekend!


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    • Moriah@ Simple Gifts says:

      Thanks, Keri! I was hoping some others mamas out there could relate! 🙂 We haven’t been using essential oils for too long either, but once I realized all they could do, I got a little oil obsessed!

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