Morning Routine // Wake Up & Be Grateful

There are many people, especially mamas, that tout the great effects of starting your day off early. Early as in before the kids wake up, diapers need changed, breakfast needs made, dishes need washed, kids need dressed….you get the idea! So today I’m giving you an idea of what works for me. That’s right, ME. I really hope it can give someone out there a great idea to take off with, but each morning routine (or hey, maybe you’re an evening alone time routine kind of person) should be tailored to what YOU need most. The important part is DOING IT! Getting up, making the effort, giving yourself some time. Even if it’s only five minutes of a focused, life-giving activity. DO IT! It will set the tone of your day and help everything run smoother.


  1. TRY to wake up before the girls. Good thing I’m a morning person, because I keep pushing the time earlier and earlier to try to get up before them. Some days I try to get up at 5:30. Most mornings I can’t get out of bed without first having the nurse Lillie back to sleep. Sometime I can make it to almost 7:00 with both girls still asleep. Other days, we’re all up by six. Even if they wake up with me, I try to have them also have some quiet time and know that this is mama’s time to have some alone time. Doesn’t always work, but we try, and I constantly remind myself to spread grace all around!
  2. I usually start off with some sort of workout. I keep it short.  10-20 minutes, occasionally 30. Something to get me moving. I like picking a Pilates or Yoga work out. Check them out!
  3. Next I do my devotionals. I love using the online She Reads Truth devotions.
  4. Prayer time. Just to be honest, prayer time usually involves a few times of saying, “Mommy will talk with you in a minute, I’m praying right now”.
  5. This step is one  I want to start. If you’ve been around here long enough you’ll know this blog started as a way to record my many gifts I’m thankful for and keep me accountable. I usually record these gifts at the end of the day. Some days I do it, other days I forget. I want to start thinking of at least three things I’m grateful for to start the day off. To begin on a note of gratitude and purposeful joyful living.
  6. If time allows I also try to jot down what I want to get done for the day. I use the Emily Ley Simplified Planner and love it! If I haven’t done it the night before I come up with a few activities I want to try during our tot home school, and also list what I personally would like to get done. This could involve chores I need to tackle, e-mails that need sent, or other Oh Tiny Gifts related needs. I write down the family schedule for that day if it’s not already in. Seeing things on paper and being able  to check them off just gives me a certain amount of satisfaction!


Then the hustle and bustle begins. On days when I can really devote some time to the things listed above, it feels good. Monday through Friday I work to wake up early, because I know I’ll feel better if I do. Saturday and Sunday I let myself sleep in some (it’s a 50/50 shot if the girls let me sleep in) and I try to still read my devotionals during some lazy Saturday morning time.

What do you think of early morning routines? Love ’em, hate ’em? What works best for you? I’d love to hear!

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Currently // 8/28/15


Eating / We are back in a somewhat normal routine this week after spending a week in Kampala. In Kampala we got to eat a little more “American” type food. This week we are back with Grace’s wonderful African cooking and we’re not complaining!

Drinking / We’re experimenting with making Kombucha. I’ll let you know how that ends up next week!

Practicing / Yoga. Actually I’ve been doing yoga or Pilates every morning for awhile now, but one of my yoga goals is that by the time our three year term comes to a close here, I will be able to do one of the strength balancing poses. Currently attempting baby crow. I’m glad I’m usually alone so no one can laugh at me…

Mastering / This is going to sound like a weird one, but I’m totally mastering being comfortable and so thankful that Grace an come and clean and cook for us a few times a week. It felt weird at first to have someone doing what I felt should be my job as a mom, but the days that Grace is here it is so amazing to focus more on school activities with the girls and STILL get a clean house! We get to develop a relationship with an awesome lady and pick up some great cooking tips in the process as well!

Playing / Now that Tia Jia is here, we have been playing some more card games in the evenings. We have also played Candy Land and UNO with Gracie, as those were sent over in the suitcase. Gracie crying after losing princess Candy Land for the first time may or may not (but more may) be a reminder to someone of their first Candy Land loss. Not going to name any names here!

Finishing / I can’t think of much that I am officially finishing, but August is quickly coming to an end. That means we are finishing up month four of living in Uganda!

Reading/ Another one of my Christian fiction books that I found for free to read on the Kindle. I also have the book, Just RISE UP , on my list to get to. A big thank you to The Influence Network for this free read!

Remembering / Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometime you have to do things even though it’s scary. Like on a big scale, say yes to God and move to Africa. On a smaller scale ordering shirts in advance for Oh Tiny Gifts instead of pre-order in September…yikes!

Wearing/ Check out my second post on putting together a capsule wardrobe here in Uganda.

Cooking / I don’t know if cooking would be the right word here, but we have been experimenting with making different milk based products. So far I think we have figured out heavy cream and butter…next stop-CHEESE!

Working / It is so great to have Jia here and all her creativity. Brainstorming with her and another wonderful lady here in Uganda on ways we can get what the women of Smile Africa are making into more hands!

Traveling / We traveled to Kampala and back last week. This week we have stayed close to home, but do plan on going to Mbale this weekend for pool time, and good eating with friends.

Wanting / An all expense paid trip to Europe? But seriously, life is good, and there is so much to be grateful for. I’m feeling very blessed and happy right where we are with what we have!

Thanks for following what’s happening in our lives this last week. What have you been up to? Share your currently, I’d love to hear!


Wear // Capsule Wardrobe {2}

Here’s to another week of documenting some of my outfits and trying to figure out this whole capsule wardrobe thing. When you scroll through the pictures and you wonder if two of the outfit pictures are taken on the same day…yes, yes they are. And yes, I did actually wear both outfits in the same day. The dress went up against a gagging baby. Baby:1 Dress:0.


Bracelet:Noonday // Watch : Charming Charlie



Shoes: Keens

This next outfit takes the same shirt I used underneath the dress above. I paired it with jeans I bought here in Uganda. I am also using the same staple accessories of a bracelet and watch and then added a headband.


Headband: Oh Tiny Gifts // Jeans: Mr. Price



This outfit has the same skirt from my previous wear post. I love that it has a fun print and pairs well with just about any basic shirt.


Skirt: Kohls (similar style) // Shoes: Keens


I’m slowly putting together the options in my closet and I’ve already donated a few clothing items that I realized I was never wearing or didn’t really like how they looked on me. I’d say there is still some slimming down of the closet to go, but at least I only have to figure out clothes for one temperature…hot!

pleated poppy


Dear Gracie // A Letter on Grace

Dear Gracie,

I’m not sure when it happened, but you are already three and a half years old. I’ve watched you grow from a spunky, fiesty little babe into a spunky, feisty, hilarious, kind and creative three year old. I don’t always get things right with you, so thanks for giving me grace. I’ll try to do the same with you.


Today I want to tell you about your name. You’re daddy and I just knew you looked like a Gracie the minute you were born. We loved the way the name Gracie sounded and we imagined a spirited and kind little girl just like you. There is also an important meaning to your name. graceGrace. When you look up the meaning of grace, this is what you may find. “The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.”

Grace is a pretty cool thing. It’s something none of us deserve, but all of us can have if we accept Jesus. Your name is a beautiful reminder of this and Jesus extends that same grace to you sweet girl. Read through the Bible (or ask mommy or daddy to help you) and you’ll find so many verses speaking about Jesus’s grace. Here is one that jumped out at me.2corinthiansJesus’s grace is sufficient for you. There is nothing more you need to do! You are going to stumble, fail, make mistakes and in general not get things right. Don’t worry, there are lots of things you WILL get right, but only because you let Jesus do the leading and accept the grace He is offering. When you stumble and fall, remember that Jesus is there. Jesus has a plan for you and though you may not see how the outcome could be for good, He will walk with you and His power will be known.

Your name can be a wonderful reminder. A reminder of God’s gift of grace to us all and a reminder to offer that same grace to ourselves and those around us.
I don’t know if your daddy and I thought about how important the meaning of your name was when we first named you. We knew it had a good meaning and we knew it was a beautiful name for a beautiful baby that would one day grow into a beautiful women (Yikes! Don’t grow too fast!).  But we didn’t realize how meaningful it could and would be. How the understanding of your name explains so much about the relationship you can have with Jesus.
 Dear Gracie, be filled with His grace and know it is enough.
Love, Mommy

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What New Parents Really Need // What to Buy For Baby #1

You just found out your pregnant! Congrats! Soon you will have a precious, tiny little human being. A perfectly unique babe, with just the right combination of you and your spouse. She’ll fit perfectly inside your arms. He’ll look so tiny in his crib. Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. Tiny, small, petite, little…you get the idea. But somehow this tiny, small, petite, and little human being will take up more room than you could ever imagine! Yes, we could go deep here and expand on how this little babe will fill your heart with more joy than you ever thought possible, but today, we’re going to talk STUFF. All the gadgets, do-dads, products, and stuff that comes with welcoming a tiny, little person into your lives!

I can remember registering for Gracie’s baby shower. It was exciting, fun, and overwhelming all at the same time. All the choices! What do we really need? I remember registering for things that we never used, and then there were things that we never registered for that we realized we needed! My list won’t be all inclusive and every new family will have it’s own unique needs, but here are a few things that we loved having for Gracie, or figured out that we needed to buy.


Jogging Stroller

We loved our jogging stroller. I did jog with it some, but even just for walking it was great. You can get a nice one like this without breaking the bank. The key is to get a stroller with a front swivel wheel, that then has the option to lock. This will make switching between walking and running so much easier!


Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

We registered for a bassinet for Gracie. She HATED it! We did a little research and read that some babies really liked to sleep in the rock ‘n play. Gracie did so much better in the rock ‘n play. It elevates baby’s head a bit, holds them more snugly, and when put right beside your bed, you can gently rock it when baby starts fussing and hope she drifts back off to sleep!





Swaddles Blankets

We used large thin swaddle blankets to get Gracie all baby burritoed and snug, but I also like these velcro swaddle blankets as an option. These would be useful for those that don’t feel they can easily swaddle their babies. I will warn you though, many babies can be little Houdenis and somehow figure out how to wiggle their arms free of the swaddle…or was that just our restless, poor sleeper babies? When they get big enough to roll over, make sure you are leaving their arms free of the swaddle. These are still great to use to keep them warm, instead of having extra blankets in their crib that could be a safety hazard.


Noise Machine

Babies, ok, our babies, seemed to wake at every tiny floor and door creak. We never actually had a noise machine, but we used an app on our phones (and still do) called Sound Sleep. We program it on the relaxing river noise.


Exercise Ball

You’ll thank me for this one! When our nephew was born, his parents discovered that if they sat with him and gently bounced up and down on the exercise ball, the movement would calm him down and help him go to sleep. This was seriously the ONLY thing that helped get Gracie to calm down and go to sleep. She would fight sleep like it was her job. Swaddle her up, pop the binky in and bounce up and down with the noise machine going and she just couldn’t win. The down fall of this is that you could be bouncing them to sleep for awhile. Upside…sleep!



Most of my picks for mamas involve those mamas that will be breastfeeding. There were so many things that I never even thought about getting before Gracie was born. Breastfeeding can be hard! Hopefully having a few of these things on hand can make it a little easier, and you can enjoy your baby without stressing.Top5picksformamas

Lily-Jade Diaper Bag Insert

I love Lily-Jade diaper bags, and happily became the owner of one after winning an instagram giveaway. They are so stylish and their inserts are so amazing. They hold everything you need without constantly having to rummage through everything to get to the very thing you need that has somehow made it’s way to the bottom of your bag. But honestly, I probably would not have bought myself one due to price. If you have someone that would love to gift you with these beautiful bags, yay! If you need to buy yourself a diaper bag and really love the organization of the Lily-Jade bags, I would recommend buying the diaper bag insert. It won’t break the bank and it can fit great inside lots of other bags. I actually just brought my insert with us to Africa and stuck it inside a bag I purchased here. It works perfectly!


Nursing Scarf

I use to make nursing scarves to sell in my etsy shop and loved the versatility of them. Other nursing covers can sometime feel too bulky or awkward to handle. You also have to find a place to put them after you are done nursing. Nursing scarves are great because you can wear them where ever you go and easily covert it to cover up.


Motherlove Nipple Cream

I didn’t discover this until well into nursing, Gracie, but it is something I wish I had earlier. Nursing moms, have some on hand!





Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are something I didn’t even think of having, but when you’re breastfeeding, they’re kind of nice to have on hand so you don’t end up soaking through one side of your shirt!  The disposable ones have always worked better for me, so I’ll use these often, especially over night.


Reusable Nursing Pads

I’ve tried a few different brands of reusable nursing pads, and so far, Marleys Monsters , are the ones I like the best. They are also pretty cute, so even if no one is going to see them except the baby, they can still make you happy when you stick ’em in your bra!


There you have it! My top picks for new parents. What would you add to the list? Was there anything you had wished you registered for or something you never ended up using? Let us all know!


Stop Standing in Your Own Way, Mama // Mama Shares Monday

Sometimes it’s hard to get over all your personal hang ups. To let go of the little things. To enjoy your current season of life for what it is. Sometimes I am great at simply enjoying the moment. Spending time with my girls and focusing on them and not my to-do list. Other times I stand in my own way. My own hangups and insecurities rob me of the joy of that moment and keep me from enjoying it to it’s fullest.


I’m named after Mount Moriah. That’s right, a mountain. It struck me that just as we each may encounter personal and difficult mountains in our lives,  sometimes can be the mountain. I can be the mountain that is hard to get beyond. I can be the mountain that is preventing me from reaching the other side. I can be the mountain keeping myself from good things. Ironic that I’m named after a mountain? Maybe. But there is more to my name than merely being the name of a mountain. My name also means, “God is my teacher”.  How often do I forget this? How often do I think I know it all? That I’M the one doing all the teaching and leading.  More often than I care to admit.


So today I want to stop standing in my own way. I may be named after a mountain, but I don’t want to BE the mountain. Today I want to remember that God is my teacher. I want to remember the meaning of my name and to infuse it into every day life-giving loving on my girls and others around me. God is teaching me something new every day if I only allow Him to. When I take time to dwell with Him, pray, study His Word, I learn. I am filled up. I am given the tools I need for that moment. If I allow Him to be my teacher and stop trying to lead, I stop standing in my own way. Let God lead you today. Let Him be the teacher and let yourself be open to learning. Stop standing in your own way, mama!



HeadshotI’m so excited that from here on out I will be hosting Mama Shares Monday with the lovely, Keri, from, Living In This Season. Keri is a wonderful writer, and encourages readers to embrace whatever season of life they are in with joy. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Nick, and their three precious children.Keri loves Jesus, coffee and planners, to name a few, but you should really go check her out for yourselves! Keri is a mama in the thick of it too, and I’m so thrilled to be hosting with her!

About Family

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Currently // 8/14/15


Eating / Some sweet friends blessed Dustin and I by hanging out with the girls for a few hours this week so we could go out to eat for our 8 year anniversary! Eating out without having to feed little people or share your food, and actually be able to have a conversation can be a nice change from time to time!

Drinking /Water, Coffee, African tea.

Practicing /Faith and trust. With certain things it can feel easy to put my trust in God and have faith in His plan. In other areas, I want to take control. I want to push ahead. I forget to pray about it, I forget to talk about it with God. I’m working on it. With the Oh Tiny Gifts shop I know I want to use it for His glory, but I often forget to pray over it, kind of forgetting that God cares about this area of my life too. Working on faith and trust and turning it ALL over to Him.

Mastering /I wish I could say I was mastering getting use to seeing little geckos crawl across our walls. I honestly don’t mind them, but when they pop out from behind something I still kind of scream…just a little.

Playing /We would like to get a guitar this next week when we go to Kampala. I don’t know if I’ll be the one playing since all knowledge of the two chords I learned are long gone, but it will be nice to hear Dustin and Jia play it!

Finishing /New designs for Oh Tiny Gifts. I have officially nailed down a new design idea and am in the process of taking more scary risks and stepping out in faith with the shop! Really hope you all will love the new design!

Reading/I have sooo many books loaded on the Kindle and lots on my wish list. I want to hear what some of your favorite reads are! I also just check out ,The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up from our digital library. I’ve seen a lot of people reading this lately, so I thought I would check it out.

Remembering / That God has given me certain passions for a reason. That the things I get excited about and feel fired up about are part of His plan for me. That God wants me to use the talents and dreams that He has given me to further His kingdom.

Wearing/ Working on putting together a capsule wardrobe so it will be super easy to grab anything in my closet, match it, and go! I posted my first capsule wardrobe style post this last Wednesday.

Cooking / I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to all the pizza we have been making! We’ve been having people over though and pizza is just a great option for company…we’ll change it up eventually, maybe, probably not.

Working /Continuing home school activities with Gracie and Lillie, going to the women’s group at Smile Africa, and visiting the baby’s home at Smile Africa. I don’t know if “work” is the right word for it, because it doesn’t really feel like work, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Hanging out with the kids and holding those babies fills up my heart in such a good way!

Traveling /We’ll be traveling to Kampala on Monday to pick up Tia Jia (Aunt Jia)! Yay!! We’re just a little  LOT excited!

Wanting /For our suitcase full of stuff from home to get here! Our director will be coming a few days after Jia arrives and bringing us a suitcase of goodies from home. It’s like Christmas in August!

Share with me your currently!


Wear // Uganda Living Capsule Wardrobe

When I started packing clothes for Uganda, I wasn’t sure where to start. Would I be wearing all skirts? Could I wear jeans? How much should I take? I only took a small portion of of my clothes, but still probably over packed! As we settle into our three year term here, I’m working on thinning out the clothing that I NEVER wear. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I want to be able to open up my closet and not be stumped on what I should wear. To have a handful of key clothing items that easily go together and that I can mix and match for many different occasions. I’ve tried style posts before, and never really stuck with them. I honestly feel a little awkward posing for pictures.. and I have to rope my husband into taking them for me! You know how you always feel like you look so much cooler and then you look at the picture and you kind of look like a large, flying bird (see last picture)? Ok, maybe that’s just me, but sometimes I would rather be the one behind the camera! My hope is that I can stick with some of these style posts and use it as a way to figure out what I wear the most and what combinations I can easily make from those clothes. The clothes I don’t ever wear or that can’t be easily paired with my other clothes will get donated! I hope you enjoy these posts, even if it’s to laugh WITH me at my awkward picture taking. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn something new along the way!

These harem pants are SUPER soft and comfy. I bought them in a touristy area of Kampala, and though they aren’t the highest quality and are already loosing their elastic around the ankles, they still get the job done. I’ve always kept the accessories pretty minimal. Between my girl’s grabby hands and a dozen more at the orphanage, a bracelet and a headband are about all I’ll do.


Bracelet:Noonday Collection// Headband: Oh Tiny Gifts




As my style posts progress I would like to see what item or items I can use from previous pictures to pair with different ensembles. Here I used the same headband and bracelet with a whole new outfit. Mint is one of my favorite colors that seems to pair with just about anything! Here I paired my Be the Light shirt from the Oh Tiny Gifts  shop with a colorful print maxi skirt. The whole hair getup was a minor stroke of brilliance. I’ve seen it done before on Pinterest, but never actually attempted it. Today I threw on the headband tucked my hair up and over, and voila! Off my neck to stay cool, but different than the proverbial top knot!




I’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you do a capsule wardrobe? What clothing rules do you live by? How would you describe your style? I think I’m going to define my look as casual, boho girly. That’s a thing, right? Linking up here!


Grace-filled Intentional Living and My Top 5 Tips // Mama Shares Monday

Don’t blink. The minute you do, the baby you just birthed is all of a sudden a speedy little 18 months old with the verbal and non-verbal capabilities to tell you what she wants and give you her opinion. Not to mention, she also has an older sister  who turned three and a half a few blinks ago, and is well on her way to thirteen and ruling the free world.

But here is the problem. Sometimes as a mama to littles, you kind of want to blink a little, right? You want to close your eyes for a second and when you open them it will be nap time and the kids will be peacefully sleeping in their bed. I recently read this post on how to waste your motherhood. I encourage all those mamas out there to take a minute and read it.  Here is my take on how not to waste your motherhood and how not to feel guilty.


The days can be long, mamas. But if we are always wishing for nap time, we will most definitely miss out on all those moments in between, good and bad. If I’m always thinking about when I can have my free time, then I’ll never appreciate the wonderful learning, and growing, and living that is going on right in front of me in the lives of two pretty precious little gals. If I always think that working on the next blog post and answering the next e-mail is the most important thing, I may just miss the opportunity to acknowledge and share in something my girls have learned, discovered, or presented to me with joy and innocence.

I encourage you to let those distractions go that are keeping you from being present with your kids. Am I guilty of letting those same distractions get in my way of being intentionally present? Of course! But I’m working on it. I’m learning and growing right alongside my children, and I pray daily for His patience and His love to guide me in their upbringing.


Now before you give yourself a little guilt trip and think, “Oh, no! I have been blinking way too much! Just surviving, getting to nap time, getting to a moment where I can hear my own thoughts!”, STOP! We all go through different seasons, and some are just plain hard. There will be some seasons where you might need the incentive of a peaceful, quiet nap time just to make it through the day. Other seasons will come more easily. It will be easier to let yourself be totally present. To be really intentional about soaking up all the wonders of your children and letting all those other distractions in your life wait.

But even through the hard seasons, if we allow ourselves to live in His grace and His goodness, we’ll find ways to savor our children intentionally through the chaos. Through prayer (and maybe a few deep breathing exercises) we’ll find the strength to revel in the joy that comes with intentionally enjoying our children. Not in a way where we feel we have to always be with them and soak up and record every moment and milestone or else we will be ridden with guilt for being a bad mom. No! But in ways where we can joyfully and gratefully thank God for the gifts He has given us in them. Where we can slow ourselves down, even if for a few minutes, and just enjoy them.

So work for intentional living with your children, mamas, but offer yourself grace no matter what season you are in! I often fall short myself, but here are some ways I work to be intentional with my girls, and enjoy them as they are!


  1. Put your phone out of reach! Better yet, just turn it off! I’m not always great at this, but if I’m sitting and doing an activity with them, I try to put it out of reach so I can’t easily grab it.
  2. Read the Bible with them. We have The Jesus Storybook Bible and we try to read this most days of the week.
  3. Pray with them. It’s important for them to hear you pray, and for you to take the time to sit down and do it alongside them.
  4. Take walks. Gracie has really been enjoying walking lately, and she loves to chat and tell us all sorts of stories.
  5. Read with them, or any other activity they enjoy where you can be still and present with them. My girls love sitting down and reading together and this gives me a chance to cuddle up with them and still engage with them.

So enjoy them mamas, and don’t blink! But if you do, know that it’s going to be ok-His grace has you covered!

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You can also find me linking up here,  here and here!


Currently // 8/7/15


Eating / One new thing that we have been eating since Grace has started cooking with us  is something called, posho, or ugali. It’s basically corn flour cooked with water to a dough like consistency. Not much taste, but not too bad. You use it a lot to scoop up other foods or sop up liquids. Gracie really likes posho!

Drinking /Water, coffee, African tea.

Practicing /Hospitality. Dustin and I have always been ones that are a little more introverted. In the U.S. it was all too easy to not make the effort to have people over, to extend the invitation, to open our home. We enjoy being with others, but often got filled up through family and church time, and got lazy about finding other ways to connect. Here in Uganda we have to seek out those other people. We are finding ways to connect, to open our home, to meet new friends, and it is so good!

Mastering / With Dustin having been gone five nights last week I think I have mastered how to sleep in the same bed as a three year old and a one year old. So here is the secret. If you want to get any good, peaceful, and restful sleep-don’t do it! If you’re ok waking up every few hours, go for it!

Trying / A new hair cut. Sometime this next week I may have a shorter hair style!

Playing / The girls have been playing with their baby dolls a lot more this week. We practiced some traditional African baby wearing as you can see in the pictures above.

Finishing / The girls and I survived five nights and almost 6 days without daddy at home. I’m kind of proud of us, but so glad daddy is home now and official girls only time is over!

Reading/ Still finishing up my other reads I talked about previous weeks, except that I gave up on the Tone it Up book. I’m not going to pretend that I finished it all and stuck with it. Pilates, yoga, and family walks are more my speed right now and something I can stick with! Also started reading a new Bible Study guide with some new friends here in Tororo, on the book of 1 Samuel.

Remembering / That some things are not worth getting frustrated over and can wait. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t complete a certain task or figure something out. It is often blogging, social media, or shop related. Sometimes I can’t figure out where to put a certain html code, or verify my blog to Pinterest, or decide what shirts, and colors I will need. I can get so frustrated and antsy over something, but then I try to stop and think about if it worth getting all worked up over. If I don’t get my blog verified before I go to bed, it will be ok. If I don’t paste the right html code in, it will be ok. If I wait till morning to look at shirts and colors, it will be ok!

Wearing/ The trusty pants or skirt and t-shirt combo. I actually am cleaning out my small closet to pass on a few of the shirts I realize I am not wearing and working on a capsule wardrobe.

Cooking / Now that we have stocked our freezer with the good cheese the supermarket in town started carrying, we have kind of gone into “cheese” mode. Pizza and quesadillas anyone?

Working / Continuing to visit with the babies at Smile Africa and attend some of the women’s classes at Smile Africa. At home we continue some home school activities and I am still planning for new releases in the Oh Tiny Gifts shop come September.

Traveling / We  haven’t traveled outside of Tororo this week. Some weeks it is good to stick close to home. I did drive the car for the second time this week and am glad to report I remembered to stay on the right (which is actually the left) side of the road!

Wanting / A date night. Those were probably too few and far between in the U.S., and that was with all of our family living close by. So you can imagine that with the move, a true out of the house date night has not happened yet!

What are you up to currently?