A Leap of Faith

In September I am taking a leap of faith. It can be pretty easy to just sit back in my own little bubble and decide that I’m comfy right where I am. Can I get an AMEN from all you introverts out there!? I’m the type of person who definitely needs alone time to replenish, to dream, and to process. I am discovering though, that as I grow older, meaningful interactions with others fill me up in a new and exciting way. When I became a part of the Influence Network over a year ago, I started discovering a group of women that I wanted to truly connect with. I’ve followed many of these women through their blogs and on instagram. I’ve connected over the internet briefly with a few, been inspired by their stories, and challenged in so many positive ways. And come this September I’m taking the leap. I’m  meeting some of these women face to face at the Influence Conference. Christian women who thrive for that same connection and community with other women and want to be positive influences for Christ in their homes, communities, and online lives. Can I just tell you all how excited I am to talk about all the things with these women! If you see someone standing around at the conference with a baby who looks like she’s wearing a wig (seriously full head of hair since she was born) and a star-struck look on her face, that may be me. I have to admit that the ladies involved in this conference feel kind of famous (can I get a picture with you all!?) to me and have inspired my Christian walk daily.

The decision to go to this conference was a journey.

Reasons why I didn’t want to go:
-It’s too far
-I’ll have to take an 8 month old with me
-I won’t know anyone
-It costs too much money

But after lots of prayer and talking with another gal that had gone to the conference before, my list of reasons why I didn’t think I should go, started changing into reasons why I SHOULD go!

-Ohio to Indiana, not that far. I even found lovely Ohio ladies that are willing to let me ride with them.
-Though traveling with an 8 month old will have its challenges, I have been so comforted and supported by other influence gals that are bringing their babes as well. I cannot wait to meet everyone and their babies! Adorable group picture in the works?
-I won’t know anyone. I’m realizing that I actually need to not really know anyone. I need to push myself to make new connections and expand on the small connections I have made online. I waver between feeling super pumped and somewhat terrified at the thought of being in the midst of strangers. But I’m taking steps to make connections already and am finding joy in it.
-Yes it still costs a sum of money, but I see it as a great investment. As investment to grow in my journey with Christ. An investment that will have a positive impact on my daily life at home, in my small etsy business, in my church, and my blog. It’s an investment that will allow me to make lasting connections and meaningful memories.

This sweet little bee and I are traveling to Indiana in September

So here I am sharing a bit of myself and why I’m excited to take a leap of faith in September. A leap of faith for growth in Christ and community with His children. For all you lovely ladies attending, thanks for stopping by. I’m welcoming you all to say hello! I’m ready for the connections to start here and now! And for those of you reading this that are not attending, but are now wondering if you should, take a look here. Then when you decide you really should go, make you sure you find me and say hello! Remember, I’ll be the one with the 8 month old baby sporting a full head of unruly hair!