It’s a Numbers Thing

Our world revolves around numbers. The more followers you have the better, a higher numbers of items sold means a higher amount of revenue, and the team with the higher score wins-ok unless you play golf, which I basically only know because of my little bro, Isaac, who is an amazing golfer (shout out to you if you’re reading this!) Even the more gifts you count the better, right? The daily numbers of the world are all too easy for me to get wrapped up in.

Some numbers can be ok to focus on. As I build my gift list higher and higher I see the incredible number of blessings that God has given me. 637 gifts counted so far and I know that’s only scratching the surface of what I remember to write down! Then there are the more tricky numbers in my life. The number of people involved in reading my blog, viewing pictures on Instagram, liking my Facebook page, and visiting my Etsy shop. I’ve been wondering how to attack the ever so delicate balance of working to build the number of followers I have in order to reach more people, sell more product, and in turn give back to a friend by helping support their adoption, with being consumed by THE NUMBERS. I realize that people have to be aware of what I’m doing in order to make some amount of impact. But the focus shouldn’t be about how many followers I can wrangle, should it? Shouldn’t the focus be on continued hard work and patience and turning to the Lord to see where His path leads me? So far with social media and my shop I feel that I have done this poorly. I sometimes feel discouraged when I see that my numbers are low compared to others. I wonder how I will ever make a difference or if I will ever be able to reach the following I would like, and in turn the outreach that others have been able to. But have I really brought this to the Lord and asked what he wants me to do? Sadly His presence is often lacking. I seem to forget that he wants to be involved in EVERY aspect of what I do. He cares about my presence on the internet and in my shop. He knows that I sometimes get impatient or discouraged and am not sure if what I’m doing even makes sense. He knows that I get excited when I make something new. He knows that I feel empowered when I can take something I have created and use it for good. He knows the in and outs of everything I do, but I’ve been hesitant to give him control of these ins and outs.

It’s a work in progress, just like many aspects of my life. I’m realizing that though it may not seem like I’m making much of a difference, someone out their is reading, someone out there is supporting, and any amount of giving back is somehow giving back. So I’m choosing to give thanks for the numbers today-big and small.


Lillie’s chunky thighs//waking up early//tantrums at 3 am because someday I won’t be able to get her out of bed//long toddler conversations with Gracie//cookout with friends//Easter egg hunting//grand-kids being read the Easter story to by Grandma// Easter dresses//warm evening relaxing outside with family//Lillie’s baby hair blowing in a warm breeze//new internet friends and good conversation//the exercise ball to bounce on and calm a fussy baby//play dates//spring flowers against fresh mulch//swing time with Gracie//morning devotions and Pilates//Dustin keeping Gracie busy when she wakes up early so mommy and Lillie can sleep in//the numbers

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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

I think you are officially an adult when you start feeling excited about Spring cleaning. You can’t wait to throw open the windows, wash the grime off  everything, and throw out what you don’t need in order to give your home a fresh start kind of feel.

I’m starting to feel that itch. The itch to feel clean, new, less cluttered, but not only in a physical way, but in a spiritual way. Sometimes things in life get a little too cluttered. Schedules get filled up, and  a parents life often seems to constantly revolve around the many needs of their children. Along the way our spiritual needs get pushed under the couch and start to gather dust.

Then Spring comes. A time of not only remembering the need to clean our homes of the dust and dirt, but also a time to remember the resurrection of our Savior. A time to refocus on the very fact that Christ died to save us from all the dirt and grime of our sins.

One of my New Year’s resolution was to Seek. Seek Him more and intentionally make time for Christ. Dustin and I worked through a couple’s devotional shortly before Lillie was born, but after that was done and our family expanded, a nightly devotional got pushed aside. Recently I started looking at reading plans from She Reads Truth and also using I have also been working on getting into a routine with Gracie each morning that involves singing some Bible songs, reading a Bible story, and then praying together.

The house isn’t just gonna clean itself, and I’m not gonna grow closer to Christ without a little work.
So here’s to Spring cleaning inside and out!

Now would anyone like to come help me clean my house?

Spring is here!

#603-619 Gift List

first yellow crocus//the way Lillie looks into my eyes and gets me right down to the core//Lillie rolling over//Mom helping clean//playing at the park//Eye doctor fun for Gracie//Gracie passing out on couch after fighting a nap//Lillie’s after bath hair//Starbucks coffee//April showers//wedding dress shopping//creating something new//sidewalk chalk drawing with Gracie//taking a walk alone with Dustin//relaxing at home in the evening//Gracie saying “I love you”