Here and There and Back Again

Its a sunny and cool fall day outside. I’m sitting by the window soaking it in as Gracie naps. Typing away and using my growing baby belly as a very convenient tray for pretzels. And I’m welcoming you to read along and get a little picture of life right now and help me continue my journey of thanks. Though a sporadic blog journey these days, a journey none the less!

Gift List 

407. First fire in wood stove
408. Tired baby
409. Cuddles after boo boos
410. Dancing around living room
411. Fall drives through the country
412. Play-dough
413. Swim class
414. Reading books all snuggled together
415. Deciphering Gracie words and sentences as she tells us “stories”
416. Washing dishes
417. Gracie naps in the car

Here and There
I have started reading this great book, A Million Little Ways,  with a group of friends that meet together over the internet. This book works to “uncover the creative, personal imprint of God on every individual”. I’m not very far in, but so far it’s pretty interesting and I have been enjoying the discussions that follow with the lovely group of ladies I meet up with. (We started a group through the Influence Network. Check out this post to learn more!)

I’ve been able to start selling more headbands and scarves! Ok, so my goal was to sell 10 items before the New Year (a small, yet reasonable goal I thought), and I am on my way people! Sales are picking up now that the cool weather is setting in and the holidays are coming up. Though this term “picking” up is referring to picking up from a zero, I’ve been pretty excited and hope all the buyers are enjoying their Oh tiny Gifts items!

Gracie is getting so big, and independent and learning new words to solidify this independence and curiosity!The due date for baby #2 has now also been moved up from February 16th to February 1st, which just so happens to be Gracie’s birthday! I have my doubts and most likely will go past February 1st and then they’ll tell me I’m “overdue” but when it’s all said and done this baby is gonna come when he or she is ready! And he or she is also very active. Dustin and I always joked about Gracie before she was born that she was going to be an ornery one because of how active and forceful she was in the womb. This turned out to be pretty accurate with her and this baby may be even more active then she was! We could be in trouble people! Good trouble, but trouble none-the-less! 
Gracie is no longer the youngest cousin on the Steiner side! On October 22 we welcomed a new cousin! Precious little Iris Sadia who is perfect and adorable in every way. We’re in love with her already!

Check These Out!
Since I’ve lacked motivation to document doing these things myself, or better yet, coming up with creative new things to inspire, I will resort to sharing some awesome Pinterest attempts that have succeeded…as far as my definition of succeed goes!

Check out some yummy recipes that are easy (I don’t do complicated recipes) and perfect for fall!

Skillet Chilli and Cornbread
Healthy Apple, Pumpkin Muffins

Cinnamon Rolls!
And there you have it! A little bit of life lately filled with joy, thanksgiving, and delicious food! 


Babies and Doughnuts

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve gotten around to writing up my gift list. As you can see below, some of my gifts written down probably go back to July, and it just so happens that it is now…October! But little by little when my pen finds the paper, I continue to jot down these gifts. There are so many more written on my heart that may not have made it to paper, but rest close to my heart. So today I’m making a small step and sharing bits of those gifts and encourage you to share yours! Enjoy the pic of Baby #2 and the series of doughnut eating pictures!

383. Mint eating
384. Fireworks
385. Cousin tackling
386. Talking with friends
387. Laughter
388. Growing
389. Reading His Word
390. Candles lit
391. Flowers watered
392. Patchwork quilt clouds
393. Cool summer evenings
394. Giggles on swing
395. Sharing good news
396. Baby #2
397. Crisp mornings
398. Baby kicking bladder
399. Story time
400. Wet kisses
401. Warm snuggles
402. Changing leaves
403. Library books
404. Pigtails
405. Pumpkins
406. Doughnuts