Fall=Scarf Season!

Fall is the most perfect time of year to wear a scarf! And to celebrate the first week of fall, I’m rolling out a couple new designs that I am very excited about. Here is a sneak peak of what you can find in the shop tomorrow! I got a new batch of snaps that are proving to be a little harder to snap together, but when placed directly in the center they are still proving to work well and hold up! So all in all I am pretty excited about these, and hope you are too!


Prenatal Exercise

My posts have been slightly sporadic and mostly “life lately” updates. Well today’s post is part “life lately” and part sharing how excited I am about my new exercise program. So here is life lately. I am almost four months pregnant. Those first three months were exhausting. Previous to becoming pregnant I had just worked back up my endurance to be able to run a 5k. It is so sad how long it takes me to work up to running those 3 miles, and then how short of time it takes to lose that endurance. So as you may imagine, working on growing a human being wasn’t allowing for much extra energy for exercise.

So here we are past the first trimester and getting some renewed energy…despite that fact that my nineteen month old still wakes up at least once a night and cuddles up in bed with mommy and daddy. And here comes my favorite new exercise program. This last April, right before Baby #2 was being knit together, I shared with you about a wonderful lady I had the pleasure to connect with over the Influence  Network. Her name is Robin Long, and she has an amazing prenatal Pilates program that I want to share with you.

In April I had shared about some routines that she had kindly allowed me to try out for free. These routines were geared towards new mommies. Short routines that allow mommies to squeeze in some exercise during those few and far between moments of baby’s downtime. I wasn’t pregnant at the time, so didn’t pay too much attention to the other prenatal routines. Now that we are pregnant and my energy has returned, I have turned to these routines with great joy!

I have been doing a lot of walking, but was feeling the need for something more. Something to feel like I had some strength endurance and was helping tighten and tone. And let me tell you people, these, are perfect! Robin does a great job explaining and performing the exercises. They aren’t overly strenuous, but I can definitely feel the tightening and toning progressing. I have been adding these different routines that focus in on different areas around 3 times a week. When I complete one, I feel better about my body and know that I am doing something good for baby and myself. I feel like I am preparing my body for giving birth once again and building up some of that needed strength and endurance that is needed for the miracle of birth.

I encourage all those momma’s and momma’s to be out there that are looking for a good exercise program, to check out Robin’s Balanced Beginnings program. It could be just what you are looking for to help you continue exercising through your pregnancy and help prepare you for birth and after!

Robin has kindly allowed me to try this program for free. All opinions are my own.