Life Lately

This last month was one of the few nights that Gracie did not end up in our bed, the reason being that it was the first night since she was born that I spent a night separated from her. Dustin and I had a mini vacation to Put-in-Bay, to celebrate our 6 year anniversary and his 26th birthday. We did a lot of bike riding around the island, walking, eating good food, and relaxing. The thing we noticed about being alone together for a whole day and night…we started pointing out everything Gracie would love. “Oh, Gracie, would love all these rabbits. Gracie would like watching the boats. There are so many people here for Gracie to watch…” and so on and so on!
Other than that little adventure, life has gone about at a pleasant, steady rhythm. The baby bump is growing little by little, Gracie now has a brand new easel to test out her artistic abilities, and her hair is just long enough to fit into a tiny ponytail! Seriously the little ponytail makes me giddy. So many simple blessings, and so much to be thankful for!

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Life Lately & Learning Activity

Life lately has been busy and good. Coaching volleyball has once again began and I am getting most of my energy back. We are almost through the first trimester already, which is hard to believe! Gracie has been growing, learning new words, and trying new things. She even gets a little bit off the ground now when she jumps. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but she’s been working on the whole jumping thing for a while! We already have some big volleyball plans for her as she is already saying “set” and tries to bump the volleyball! Dustin and I also celebrated our 6th year anniversary this last week…craziness that it’s already been six years! So here is a little view of our life lately, and a fun activity we tried to help Gracie learn her colors and shapes! 

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Walking around town on Daddy’s shoulders
Riding with cousin and Tia Jia at the grocery store
Very first happy meal
Out to eat for mommy and daddy’s 6 year anniversary
Watching the ducks
So here is our simple activity we tried out to help learn colors and shapes. It is SUPER easy. All you need is some contact paper and construction paper. I cut out five pieces of contact paper and taped them to the wall with the sticky side out. Then I cut out different shapes in different colors. I am hoping Gracie and I can work on getting all the same colors on one block, or all the same shapes on one block. The shapes stick nicely to the contact paper, but still come off pretty easily. Happy learning!


Exciting News!

I have been a little absent in this space. But now it is time to reveal some exciting news! Some exciting news that slowed down my writing here for awhile, and most inevitably will do so again in another 7 months or so. That’s right people! Come February we will be welcoming baby #2!

The first few weeks of the pregnancy I was so tired, all I wanted to do in the evenings was lay on the couch and watch movies. Now I am finally getting some of my energy back, but the days are still filled with getting things done around the house, running errands, work, and best of all spending time with family and friends and making new memories with Gracie.

I am finding myself making more of the little moments with her. Knowing that soon there will be two precious babes to fill our house and our hearts, reminds me to cling to the joys of the moments of the here and now. The little things like sitting in front of the stove with Gracie. Waiting for dinner to get done, music blaring, watching our reflections as we dance.

So I will try to keep up with this space where I can. Try to continue to use this blog to record my gifts, share my thanks, and connect with others. So now I give thanks for the joy that has most been on my mind lately. I give thanks for the life growing inside of me and the joy of knowing it won’t be long until we can welcome him or her into our home!