Life Lately

The past week was a mini vacation at Grandma and Grandpa’s, but now Daddy is home and we are happy and thankful for that! Last week we went to the Fourth of July Parade and the next day to the zoo. I would have to say that Gracie enjoyed the zoo more than the parade. For some reason I think it upset her when candy was thrown her way…but for this momma the candy is the best part! And have you every noticed how more candy comes your way when holding a cute baby? Even when the only thing she will be able to eat are the smarties! All in all it was a fun week, and now we are back home and into our daily routine again. We are always happy when 5 o’clock rolls around and we can watch out the window and see Daddy coming home! So here is a little taste of our life lately, a showing of our gifts in color, and a yummy recipe at the end!

Sporting an Oh Tiny Gifts headband to the parade

She loved the horses!
Maxi Dress-Sonoma 

Getting ready to help mommy make zucchini bread
Happy that Daddy is home!

The zucchini Gracie is inspecting above actually came straight from our garden. Yay for edible things other than weeds growing in our garden! We made some yummy zucchini bread from this recipe. I substituted some wheat flour to be healthier because I ran out of regular flour. I think this made it a little crumblier, but it still tasted great! Enjoy!

                                                                 pleated poppy


Life Lately

This week Gracie and I have been chilling at Grandma and Grandpa’s while Daddy is away in Arizona helping out with the Mennonite Youth Convention. It’s kind of like a mini vacation. We relax in the rocker while eating a snack and watching a movie. We make friends with new kitties. We practice our cowgirl skills, swim, swing, take walks, and from time to time help with the cleaning. So that’s our life lately, and I’m pretty sure Gracie would agree, that life is good! 

She Does Justice

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Summer if officially upon us. I noticed the lightning bugs for the first time the other night and added another simple summer joy to the gift list. The days are long and seem to hold more potential than usual. More time for adding to the gift list, or often in my case, more time to take these gifts for granted. Even at gift 364 I am working to mindfully thank God for these gift. To see His presence and take the time to give Him thanks. Summer seems to already be rushing by and before I know it the days will grow shorter and the green, bright hues of summer will be replace with a crisp Autumn pallet. I don’t want to rush through my thanksgiving. I don’t want to leave behind my joy list in the rush of Summer goodness, but rather extends it’s joy through giving thanks!

364. Fireflies
365. Aunt Jia coming over to hang out and play often
366. Summer rain and storms
367. Achy neck
368. Back rubs from Dustin
369. Weeds in the garden
370. Picked peas
371. One daisy pulled by grabby hands
372. ABC’s
373. Prayer with patients
374. Safe flight to Arizona for Dustin
375. Staying with parent’s while Dustin’s out of town
376. A sick baby getting lots of snuggles
377. Gracie feeling much better!
378. Gracie screaming and tossing ball
379. Family hike in the rain
380. Messy ice cream eating
381. Playing with a friendly kitten
382. Gracie finding a new friend in the little Amish girl across the street

Sick Baby snuggling with Aunt Hannah
Feeling better and playing with a her new kitty friend