11. Crisp fall air
12. Changing color of leaves
13. Bringing home mums in the car and enjoying the smell as I drive around
14.Fall decorations
15. Comfy sweaters
16. Pumpkin flavored anything!

Now that I’ve listed a few of the fall things I am grateful for…on to the rest!

17. Baby snuggles on the shoulder late at night….even when she should be sleeping
18.Morning haze across open fields
19. Enjoying tea in the evening after Gracie’s asleep
20. Gracie creeping across the floor and learning to sit self up
21. Gracie’s smile when she sees her cousins come over to play
22. Hiking with Gracie and Dustin on a misty day with the damp smell of fall
23.Dustin and I singing silly songs to Gracie
24. Long hot showers
25. Rediscovering simple joys through Gracie’s eyes

These are just a few of the things I have been thankful for over the week…with many more to come!


Everything Baby

To sum it all up, I could basically say that I am thankful for every little thing about Gracie. Even when she’s up three or more times a night, I am thankful that she is a healthy, beautiful baby and just wants some mommy comfort. The list could go on and on, but I will list a few.

    6. Baby rolls and creases. Feeling those little (or not so little) legs and creases in each leg, arm, and neck roll is just about the best feeling ever.
    7.Baby giggles and smiles. To hear that giggle and see that open mouthed, dimpled smile fills my heart with joy.

    8. Baby discoveries. When Gracie finds a new toy or object, she studies it with deep concentration, turning it over and over, and then finishes checking it out by shoving it in her mouth!

    9. Baby nursing. This is about the only time Gracie really stays still and will cuddle anymore. So thankful I can nurse her and have this special time throughout the day….and night too!

    10. Baby sleeping. When those little eyes close, and binky moves back and forth, this precious picture warms your heart….until we are all up again in a few hrs!

Baby rolls!
Baby giggles!
Making discoveries
Baby Cuddles

Sleeping baby and Mamma


The title of this first post describes how I feel in one word: Blessed.

I do not always realize it, or live in a way that shows my gratitude, but God has truly blessed me. I have always enjoyed some form of chronicling my thoughts and life, but have easily strayed from journaling, and didn’t really have the motivation to start a blog. This evening as I stood on my front porch I felt grateful for the gifts that God has given me and surrounded me with. The hazy pink sunset against a darkening sky was made even more beautiful by the surrounding green landscape and the cool evening breeze. This I am thankful for and this I take for granted.

Our church had given the challenge to write what we are grateful for every day, following the guidelines of the book “1000 Gifts”. I had started to keep track, but in  the process of having our first baby, even writing a simple phrase was pushed to the backburner as feed the baby, change the baby, clothe and feed self, and sleep (or try to sleep!)  was about all that I could focus on! So now I have come back to the writing. Instead of a notebook, I’m turning to the computer to keep me motivated to write. To remind myself of God’s blessings and share these blessings with others.

I have decided to start with five daily blessing that fill my life. Though there are many more, tonight I start with five.

  1. The sunrise that brings God’s promise of a new day in all its beauty.
  2. Gracie’s smile. She fills my heart with joy each day and I cannot get enough of her dimply smile!
  3. A wonderful husband who likes to cook and will do the dishes too!
  4. Living in a wonderful rural community and being close to both of our families
  5. Early evening sunsets and time to be still and reflect on the day.

Simple gifts, but extravagantly blessed.

Daddy’s little Spider-monkey!