10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

I was nominated by Amy from As Told By Amy to participate in the #rockingmotherhood tag. Thanks, Amy! You are rocking it too, mama! So here are some ways I think I’m rocking motherhood these days. Feel free to share yours in the comments!


1. I say I’m sorry

There are times when I know I’ve messed up. I don’t try to act like I’m always right and I never make mistakes. I let the kids know I’m sorry and apologize.

2. I laugh and try not to take myself too SERIOUSLY

When you’re in a season of life with three littles five and under, you try to find humor in the chaos!

3.We read together

We have always loved reading to our kids, even from a young age. It gives us some great opportunities to cuddle up and slow down!

4. We Pray together

It has always been part of our bedtime routine to say prayers with the kids. I also try to pray with them when they may be having a rough time, are nervous about something new, or fearful. I want them to know they can talk with God anytime, anywhere,  no matter how they are feeling!

5. I say I love you often

Someday they may tire of me saying it, but I want them to know they are loved!

6. Get outdoors and explore

This has been harder with the cold weather and a newborn, but if the weather allows, we make an effort to get outside and enjoy God’s creation.

7. I take interest in things they like

There are times I may not truly be interested in something they want to show me or do, but if it’s important to them, it’s important that I take the time for them to share that with me.

8. My husband and I set boundaries for our children

It’s important to set boundaries and kids usually function so much better with those boundaries.

9. My husband and I work as a team

We try to give our kids the same message, set the same boundaries, and back each other up!

10. I enjoy my kids

Life can get crazy and mom life can be tiring, but when I choose to enjoy them and this season, I can more easily see the gifts that they are!

I’d like to nominate a mama #rockingmotherhood with 6 littles! One of them being a cute little newborn baby girl!  Go check out Rebekah at Faithful With the Little.