10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

I was nominated by Amy from As Told By Amy to participate in the #rockingmotherhood tag. Thanks, Amy! You are rocking it too, mama! So here are some ways I think I’m rocking motherhood these days. Feel free to share yours in the comments!


1. I say I’m sorry

There are times when I know I’ve messed up. I don’t try to act like I’m always right and I never make mistakes. I let the kids know I’m sorry and apologize.

2. I laugh and try not to take myself too SERIOUSLY

When you’re in a season of life with three littles five and under, you try to find humor in the chaos!

3.We read together

We have always loved reading to our kids, even from a young age. It gives us some great opportunities to cuddle up and slow down!

4. We Pray together

It has always been part of our bedtime routine to say prayers with the kids. I also try to pray with them when they may be having a rough time, are nervous about something new, or fearful. I want them to know they can talk with God anytime, anywhere,  no matter how they are feeling!

5. I say I love you often

Someday they may tire of me saying it, but I want them to know they are loved!

6. Get outdoors and explore

This has been harder with the cold weather and a newborn, but if the weather allows, we make an effort to get outside and enjoy God’s creation.

7. I take interest in things they like

There are times I may not truly be interested in something they want to show me or do, but if it’s important to them, it’s important that I take the time for them to share that with me.

8. My husband and I set boundaries for our children

It’s important to set boundaries and kids usually function so much better with those boundaries.

9. My husband and I work as a team

We try to give our kids the same message, set the same boundaries, and back each other up!

10. I enjoy my kids

Life can get crazy and mom life can be tiring, but when I choose to enjoy them and this season, I can more easily see the gifts that they are!

I’d like to nominate a mama #rockingmotherhood with 6 littles! One of them being a cute little newborn baby girl!  Go check out Rebekah at Faithful With the Little.


Reu’s Birth Story

It’s been a few weeks since I posted in this space. I’m a sucker for reading birth stories, so today I thought I would get back in the writing groove and share our boy’s birth story with you!

Irregular contractions started the afternoon of January 5th. I knew it could be awhile, but I thought that it for sure meant the process had started. With both Gracie and Lillian, once contractions got going, that was the real deal. This little dude decided to change things up for me a bit! Contractions continued here and there through the night and some into Friday morning, but I was still able to sleep and then Friday morning they stopped.

Sunday morning things started again and this time they were more regular. So of course I thought, “Yay! This is it!”  I wasn’t sure how quickly things would progress and I was nervous not to have the midwife at our home in time, so we asked her to come to our home about mid day. Since our return from Uganda we have been staying with Dustin’s parents in their basement living area until we are able to build in the Spring. So Mimi and Pap took the girl’s to church, the midwife arrived, and I was all set for this to be the day our boy was born. Long story short, after 12ish hours of regular contractions, not terribly painful, but regular, things just kind of slowed down and pretty much stopped. The midwife went home and I was more emotionally exhausted than physically exhausted. When was this kid going to actually be born!? He was still a few days before his due date, but both my girl’s were born around 39 weeks, so I was getting impatient and tired of all this teasing! I was trying to get things going with walking when I could, sitting on the exercise ball, going to the chiropractor, but I knew he was only going to come when he was ready!

Tuesday morning things picked up again. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but then again, it was hard not to. It was now his due date, and third times a charm, right? This time contractions kept coming steady, and they seemed to be increasing in intensity. I didn’t want to call the midwife to come too early this time, but as she lives farther away, I asked her to hang out somewhere close  and I would let her know if things continued and picked up. Around three we decided to ask her to head to the house. She arrived and Mimi Steiner took the girl’s to the library and out to eat with Pap.

I continued with pacing around the living room and stopping to brace against the couch for contractions. I also spent quite a lot of time on the exercise ball. Any swaying motion seemed to help. I’ve always felt very in control during my contractions. They hurt, but I feel capable of handling them. I was having a bit of anxiety already just thinking about pushing, as this has always been the most painful part for me. We had the birth tub all set up and ready to go for when I felt that I wanted to get in. As I had a midwife at home this time, I had no idea how much I was dilated or effaced and she said it was totally up to me as to when I wanted to get in the water. I knew it could speed things up or slow things down, but I was actually a little worried it would speed things up too much! With Gracie, once I got into the water I transitioned very quickly and dilated the rest of the way rapidly. I was ready for this little guy to be born, but not as sure I was ready to actually push him out!

As I contemplated what to do, I felt like Jesus gave me the assurance that it was going to be ok and just get in the water! So I did! A little before six I got into the water. At first I didn’t have a contraction for awhile and I was afraid things had slowed down. I was holding Dustin’s hand, on my knees in the water and leaning on the edge of the tub. As my first contraction in the water started, all of a sudden I jumped and gasped, scaring Dustin in the process! My water had broken with that first contraction in the water! Now I was ready for thing to really get moving. About a half hour passed of contractions, but I felt absolutely zero urge to push! I had expected that I would feel the urge to push almost immediately as I did with Lillian after my water broke. With each contraction and no urge to push I felt a bit anxious, but tried to remain as relaxed as I could and just breath. The midwife reminded me to just listen to my body and not to worry if I didn’t feel like I had to push yet.

All of sudden, things changed! I went from absolutely zero urge to push, to this baby’s head is on it’s way out! It was a pretty intense pressure and pain and as I was on my knees in the water my body automatically tightened up, instead of relaxing and allowing more room for him to come out! I was trying to balance between pushing and not pushing too much so I didn’t tear. I had my hand down by his head with the first contraction and after the first contraction his head and little hands were out. He decided he wanted to have his hands by his face when he was born. Then with the next contraction I was bracing myself on the side of the tub and trying to relax my legs a little bit. The rest of him slid on out into the water and the midwife told me to reach down and pick him up! I picked up my perfect little babe and had him resting on my chest. Time of birth was 6:29 pm.  He gave out a little cry when he first came out of the water, but then he calmed down as he laid on my chest. He tried to lift his head some and look around a bit…and he was so cheesy! If you don’t know what that means, it means he was covered in a good thick layer of vernix! He also had some good bruising on his nose, as he must have dropped very quickly at the end!

We waited to cut the cord and he nursed awhile while we were still in the tub. Eventually I delivered the placenta. For some reason, I hate having to deliver the placenta afterwards. Obviously it’s necessary, but I’m all like “Really? I just pushed out a human being, and now you’re asking me to push again!?” Of course it’s not as bad as the actually pushing of the baby, but it still feels like so much work!

After the cord was cut and the placenta delivered, we got out of the tub and all situated in the rocking chair to nurse awhile. Big sister’s were back from their outing and were pretty excited to meet him. They came down to peek at him and already started kissing his smooshy face.  The girl’s went to bed upstairs and I had some more time snuggling and nursing. I eventually got up to shower and get all cleaned up. The midwife weighed him in at 7 lbs 8 oz. My biggest baby yet!

Reu Benjamin Steiner is a sweet addition to our family as the little brother. He has perfectly chubby, kissable cheeks, and a full head of light brown/blonde hair. His name can be found in the genealogy of Jesus and means shepherd or friend. We are so happy that our little boy is here!

To Santa or not to Santa?

The weather has turned cold, snow has fallen, lights have been hung, and presents wrapped. Christmas is almost here! While none of these things are themselves the true meaning of Christmas, they are traditions and reminders that we will soon be celebrating Christ’s birth.

So where does Santa fit into the mix in your family? We’ve never really pushed Santa or tried to say that he is real, and if you’re naughty he might not bring you presents! Though there are days when I think that might be helpful! But we’ve still taken the girls to Christmas activities where they’ve gotten excited to see Santa. To sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. We’ve never stressed that Santa’s real, and just let the girl’s enjoy meeting him.

So far this Christmas season the girl’s have already had the chance to see Santa twice. The first time Gracie made sure we understood Santa wasn’t actually real. We agreed it was just for fun (and then I told her not to say that too loud, just in case there were other kid’s that thought he was real, and whose parents may not appreciate us ruining the secret!)

The other day we happened to be eating out with friends and another Santa was there giving out stuffed animals. This Santa was pretty engaging. He asked the girl’s if they’d been good, and wanted to know what they wanted for Christmas. He told them to leave him milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Gracie walked away from that Santa convinced that she will be getting a bunny at some point and insistent that we must leave out milk and cookies!

So where does your family fall on the Santa spectrum? Are you really careful to keep the magic of Santa alive and well? Do you make sure they know Santa isn’t real? Do you fall somewhere in between?

I think the girl’s understand Santa isn’t actually real,but we still have fun visiting him. This year it looks like we’ll be leaving out some milk and cookies…which this pregnant mama is perfectly ok with!

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A Few of My Favorite Things

We’ve been through most the rush of the post Thanksgiving buying spree, but we still have Cyber Monday, and then in all honesty…almost another month until Christmas. While I don’t think Christmas should be so focused on the gift-buying and rather the celebration of Jesus’s birth, I do enjoy picking out a few special things for loved ones. It is especially meaningful when I can give them something that I know they are going to love, and the gift contributes in another way. Whether it is buying from a small business, a business that gives back, or a business that is environmentally friendly and uses all natural products, these are a few of the things I look for most when shopping.

So far I have done 100% of my shopping online. At almost 8 months pregnant with two small children, I’d say this is totally acceptable! But even if you’re not pregnant and wrangling small children, shopping online, from the comfort of your own home, in your pjs, on the couch, warm beverage in hand, is definitely the way to go!

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop and many still have deals running through tomorrow!


Organic 100% Lash Mascara

Root is my favorite place to buy all things makeup! Natural and organic beauty products that work! I especially love this mascara!

New Eve Jewelry 


I love the message behind each piece of New Eve Jewelry. Each piece is made with re-purposed materials and serves as a reminder that new life can always be found in Jesus. I’m crushing on this Mustard Seed necklace…*hint, hint* to anyone that still needs to buy me a Christmas gift!

NS Pottery

Dipped Coffee Mug with Raw Clay Bottom

Natalie always makes the cutest and top quality products. We went to high school together and it’s always to fun to see what new products she is offering and support her beautiful work!

Oh Tiny Gifts

PREORDER WOMEN'S Be The Light T-shirt -White with Copper Shimmer Print

Of course I’m adding my own little shop! I have deal running through tomorrow for when you purchase any necklace you can get $2 off with code GIVEANDGET! Remember that $10 of each purchase will go back to the women of Smile Africa! Sale items are still up for grabs too!

Young Living Essential Oils

I have loved using Young Living essential oils and products, and they’ll be making their way into a few of my Christmas gifts! I love using and sharing a product that I can stand behind and feel good about using on my own family. If you are interested in a kit you can click here to become a part of my team and help support my family while supporting your own! If you just want to chat oils and see what they’re all about, feel free to e-mail me at moriahsteiner10@gmail.com.

So there you have it! A few of my favorite places to shop and places I have bought gifts for others (and myself!) or have on my wish list! What are some of your favorite places to buy gifts? I’ve seen many people share their favorite small businesses or link their own over posts on Facebook. Feel free to do the same here and share with others!


Every Monday I host a link party specifically for moms to share encouraging posts. I would love for you to link up your posts on motherhood below and connect with some other mamas.  Join us with #mamasharesmonday as we share our moments of motherhood.  

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Perseverance for Kids

Little feet twitch and kick and hot tears threaten to pour down round cheeks. Gracie loves reading, correction…Gracie loves when I read to her, but she is not a fan of reading herself. We have spent many hours over her almost five years of life reading books together. Now that Gracie has mastered her alphabet, letter sounds, and some sight words, I have started incorporating reading practice into our home school days. Gracie is not a fan. If she has the word memorized and can breeze through it, no problem, but heaven forbid that we have to take the time to sound it out!


I am learning some techniques that work well for her personality. She loves interaction and movement, so activities like a sight word jump are particularly good for her. I place sight word card on the floor, say one, and ask her to jump to it. She loves it, and asks to do it again! Great! But when it comes to sitting and trying to concentrate on one things, then we run into a problem.

I  want to help her love reading and find ways to learn that work best with her personality type. I also want to help her learn that working through something hard is worth it! It doesn’t help us learn if we get frustrated and decide we can just give up on something. When learning something new, we have to persevere and dedicate time and attention to it. It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the learning process, but it will often mean we have to make that conscious effort to choose joy in the process. For an almost five-year-old this is HARD! But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean that it’s not worthwhile.

So we sit and we read. I encourage, try to be patient, and give her space to get her wiggles out when she needs. She perseveres, she guesses, she wiggles and gets frustrated and then we try again. She figures it out and we’re both proud and ready to move on!

Some days I totally want to take the easy route! I want to say, OK, no reading practice, or OK, I’ll just tell you the word! And some days I totally do! But the other days, we persevere. We do the activities that she finds most fun, AND we do the activities that she doesn’t find as fun. We work through it and reward for jobs well done.

My husband and I have discussed with each other, and with Gracie, that it isn’t just about learning to read. It’s about not giving up when something gets hard. It’s about using the beautiful, strong, and smart brain that God has given her to persevere and figure something difficult out. It’s about finding joy even in a difficult process, and rejoicing together when the goal is accomplished! It doesn’t just have to apply to school work, but can apply to the work that our heavenly Father has for us.

Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. Colossians 1:11-12

Perseverance is hard when you’re almost five and it’s hard when you’re 28. Good news is, we don’t have to persevere alone, and that’s something we can rejoice in and share with our children!


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Dear Baby Boy

Dear Baby Boy,

First off, it sounds a little strange to write, boy. We are super excited for your entrance into our family, but I should warn you, you’ve got two older sisters that have the whole bossiness thing down pretty well! But I also want to tell you that they are pretty wonderful and you will be very, very loved…and possible smothered at times!

In about two more months we will get to meet you! To hold you, kiss you, love on you and in general ohh and ahh and thank God for the gift of you. You are already so loved.

I can already tell that you are going to be active! Neither of your older siblings were great sleepers for awhile, and I have a feeling, you may just follow suit! You like to kick and tumble, and I’m almost certain that at times you are in there dancing and performing the worm! You are active, strong, and responsive.

It’s fun to imagine what you will be like. What you will look like. How you will interact with us. We can imagine now, but it won’t be long before we get to experience you. To learn about you. To nurture you. To help you grow in the love of Jesus and try to foster and encourage the good gifts that He has given you to use for His glory.

Baby Boy. It won’t be long until we won’t remember a time without you as the little brother. You are loved. You are cherished. You are prayed for.

Dear Baby Boy, we love you


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Oh Tiny Gifts Christmas Shopping

Today the Oh Tiny Gifts shop has it’s next round of items up for preorder! Preorder items will be available for purchase November 7-14. It will then take a few weeks to have them ordered, screen printed, and shipped out to you! The good news!? You’ll get everything before Christmas! Ready to get your Christmas shopping done? You can now shop for the whole family. You’ll find women’s tees, kid’s tees, onesies, and now I even have a unisex shirt option for the guys in your life! All the shirts share the message of being the light of Christ and pointing others towards Him. The message is inspired by Matthew 5:14-16 and this verse reference is printed on each shirt as a reminder.


“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16

Not only will preorder items be available to buy, but there are still kid’s tees, women’s tees, and even a tote on SALE! Necklaces made by the women of Smile Africa Uganda are still available for purchase, and $10 of each sale will go directly back to the women.


Get you’re Christmas shopping done now! Share and wear the positive message of shining brightly and being the light of Christ to the dark places of the world. Snag an on sale fruit of the spirit tee or tote and wear the truth of His fruit. Buy a beautiful piece of jewelry to keep or share and support women in Uganda.

2015-04-29_0002pp_w1035_h77414958504_10207985822823364_1514469636_ngraysweatshirthanes_5450_wow_pink_front_high14925289_1114284091974148_5739604891119839118_nohtinygifts02img_9873btlkitchenrabbit_skins_4424_black_front_high20161021_131502_resized il_570xn-829533983_r5porabbit_skins_4422_pink_front_high

Thank you for your all your support! #weartruth #bethelight #shinebright


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Parenting Our Children Uniquely

I’m guessing I’m not the only one, but I’ve always loved taking personality quizzes. I think we like to search for something that defines us. Tells us what’s unique and special about us. Where our strengths and weaknesses are and the things that we are good at. Some of these quizzes even give us a better understanding into why we behave the way we do. But have you ever taken a personality quiz for your children?


I recently read, Raising An Original by Julie Lyles Carr. It’s a book on parenting your kids according to the unique personality and temperament that God has given them, AND it even comes with personality assessment tools for your kids!

It’s often too easy for me to fall into the patterns of parenting each child the same, or parenting them the way I think should work. The problem with that is, my kids are by no means the same person! They aren’t me or their daddy either! They are their own unique persons, with unique gifts and talents.

The book mentions thinking back to when you were pregnant with your child. What were they like even before birth? It’s hard for me to think back for each of the girl’s pregnancies, but it’s interesting to think of adjectives for this current pregnancy. So far I would describe this baby boy as active, strong, and responsive. He seems to always be on the move, kicks hard enough to make me cringe at times, and if I ever stop moving and in my head think, “how you doing, baby?”, he usually answers with a kick and a wriggle!

So instead of taking the cookie cutter approach to each kid, I’m trying to understand each of their personalities and learn how to help them grow and discover their God’given gifts and purpose. I’m not perfect, but I think the point is trying. Trying to understand our kids and offer grace to both them and ourselves in the process. Knowing that God has entrusted us with raising them, but that ultimately, they are in His hands, just as we each are!


Every Monday, Keri, and I host a link party specifically for moms to share encouraging posts. We would love for you to link up your posts on motherhood below and connect with some other mamas.  Join us with #mamasharesmonday as we share our moments of motherhood.  

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Maternity Picture Tips


This last week the girls and I took advantage of the beautiful weather we are having in Ohio and went outside for some mommy and girls maternity pictures! With some awesome help from my sis in-law, we managed to get some great shots! The only downfall was that we didn’t get to do family pictures, as daddy was at work! If you’re thinking of trying to take your own maternity, here are some tips that you may be able to use!

  1. Make or grab some inexpensive props– I made some inexpensive flower crown for the girls and myself to add a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to the pictures. I didn’t spend much on the flowers and they were pretty easy to put together. They were the perfect touch for some fun and girly pictures!
  2. Have your helper keep snapping pictures-When you are taking pictures with kids, sometimes it’s hard to get them to cooperate! Keep snapping pictures and you’re bound to wind up with some good shots, or at least memorable ones!
  3. Shoot in raw and use natural light-Natural light will only help enhance and increase the beauty of each pictures. When you shoot in raw you can maximize this lighting even more! I have done some simple editing in each picture, which I was able to do because of shooting these pictures in raw.
  4. You don’t have to wait until the end of your pregnancy to take pictures-Take the pictures when you are feeling great! We took advantage of the beautiful weather and a decent sized baby bump at 6 1/2 months!
  5. Have fun and try out different poses-Have fun with the process and try out lots of different poses! You might not know if something will look good until you try it!

Enjoy some pictures from our own maternity photo session! 

P.S. This awesome maternity dress was one of the items in my first Stitch Fix! A Stitch Fix stylist hand picks items out just for you and you get to try them on at home and decide if you want to keep them, or send them back! If you want to try out a fix for yourself (only $20 for the stylist and then that $20 will go towards whatever items you decide to keep!) use my link here and help me earn credit on my account! Then go share with your own friends and earn your own credit! Thanks!

















Every Monday, Keri, and I host a link party specifically for moms to share encouraging posts. We would love for you to link up your posts on motherhood below and connect with some other mamas.  Join us with #mamasharesmonday as we share our moments of motherhood.  

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Easy Halloween Costume DIY

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be one of those people that has had their kid’s costume planned since last Halloween! Or perhaps you are one of those people that hasn’t given it a second thought and likes to scramble last minute to put together an outfit and deem it as creative!  In the past I haven’t put much thought into costumes. When Gracie was younger we never took her anywhere for trick or treating, so there wasn’t much need to come up with a costume idea! Then we discovered Boo at the Zoo a few years ago. The last time we went we threw together a princess outfit for Gracie and Lillie went as a giraffe in an adorable hand me down get up that someone had given us to use for play. It was great! Last minute costumes can still be totally awesome, and chances are, your kid is more concerned about the goodies they are getting anyways!

This year, I found myself wanting to put together something fun for the girls…because we all know how Pinterest can easily sway you into that frame of mind! I happened upon some awesome DIY costumes that I knew the girls would love. If you have a girl…or perhaps a boy that’s really into tulle…you can make just about any costume using this idea! All you need is a crochet tutu top, tulle, the ability to make a knot, and you are good to go! You can find exact instructions for the sleeping beauty costume here, but you could really alter this to any princess, super hero, or animal costume you could think of! It really is as simple as cutting the length of tulle you want for your skirt and then knotting it into the bottom of the crochet tutu top!


Gracie loves Princess Aurora, aka, Sleeping Beauty. She is all about the pink, and the minute I mentioned making an Aurora costume, she was sold! Lillie doesn’t have quite as strong of a preference as her big sis, but I thought she’d make a pretty cute Snow White, and she seemed to like the idea!

Enjoy these pictures of our little princesses in their attire as we attended Boo at the Zoo this last weekend. If you’re still in need of a costume for your little princess, go get yourself a tutu top and tulle, and start knotting!
















Every Monday, Keri, and I host a link party specifically for moms to share encouraging posts. We would love for you to link up your posts on motherhood below and connect with some other mamas.  Join us with #mamasharesmonday as we share our moments of motherhood.  

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